Question Reguarding Jesus’ Ministry Started at Age 30

Greeting in jesus christ our lord and saviour, god bless, can you help me out on a quirey do you no,  why jesus christ took up his minstry aged around 30? and can it be proven why he took up his ministry age around 30? and why didnt he start his ministry before 30?,  thank you

Blessings in Jesus.

Jesus began His public ministry circa age 30 because He was Messiah Son of David and David began to reign as King at age 30, so Jesus began His ministry in the character of David. Operating in the character of David would be a mark of The Messiah to The Jews.

Thirty is the age of spiritual maturity in scripture (this typologically relates to the number 30 in the architecture of Noah’s Ark, but this is too lengthy to address by email.)

In the Judaic culture of Jesus’ day (unlike today), 30 was also the usual age at which someone would be fully recognised as a rabbi.

There are also later extra biblical traditions in both Jewish and Christian writings ‚   that state Adam was about 30 when he fell, so Jesus as ‘The Last Adam’ had to resume where the first Adam failed in order to correct the ramifications of sin caused by the fall of man with Adam. This however, while a plausible hypothesis, is not scripturally provable although it does seem to add up.

Another important aspect is the 15 years of life added to King Hezekiah when he was in his thirties. This is explained on our teaching recording of Amos chapters 8 & 9. The average longevity in biblical times was about 60. One King of The Jews had his life lengthened because another had his life shortened to balance it out (illustrating that Jesus dies to gives others life). ‚   The sun went back as death approached King Hezekiah so the sun had to go forward as death approached King Jesus (Luke 23: 44) in fulfillment of the prophecy of Amos 8:9.

Time is of course based on planetary/ celestial motion ‚  as with Joshua when the sun stood still or elsewhere in The Book Revelation where God literally adjusts time by adjusting planetary motion. It is a rather ‚   involved subject which relates to which day of the week Christ died on etc. and requires an explanation of the Greek & Hebrew terms for time (‘Zman’ & ‘Yom’, ‘Kairos’ & ‘Chronos’) , so we will have to refer you to the recording.

But in short and in essence, we must understand the theological relationship of Jesus to two previous Kings of The Jews – David and Hezekiah in order to understand the reason for age 30.

We trust this helps.

James Jacob Prasch
Moriel Ministries

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