New Book: The Jews, Modern Israel and the New Supercessionism: Resources for Christians

The Jews, Modern Israel and the New
Supercessionism: Resources for Christians
, by
Calvin L. Smith, ed. (Lampeter: King’s Divinity
Press, 2009). pb. xx+164pp. ISBN: 978-
09562006-0-0. 12.99 GBP. Due 8 May 2009.

Foreword by Mitch Glaser
(President, Chosen People Ministries, New York)

Preface by Mark S. Sweetnam
(Research Fellow, Trinity College Dublin)

Additional contributions from Andy Cheung,
Tony Pearce, Jacob Prasch, Howard Taylor,
Stephen Vantassel and Paul Wilkinson.

This new book, aimed at lay Christians, church leaders and Bible college students, explores the relationship between the Jews, the Church and Israel, together with the rise of the new supercessionism within Evangelicalism today and how to respond to it both biblically and theologically. Full details of the book, including contents page, endorsements by leading scholars, biographical notes for each of the contributors, and purchase details are available at The website also includes an interview with the book’s editor, Calvin L. Smith (Principal, King’s Evangelical Divinity School), who discusses its relevance in light of what is happening in the Church and how Christian responses to Israel is symptomatic of a wider ideological conflict taking place within Evangelicalism at the present time.

A large portion of the word of God in the Old Testament is being misinterpreted or deliberately avoided by those who have adopted the teaching that the Christian Church has replaced Israel and that the ancient promises made by God to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David are now pass ƒ ©. However, Calvin L. Smith has edited a set of chapters in a new book that makes a vital contribution towards nectifying this imbalance in interpretation. May it spark a long-overdue discussion among Evangelical interpreters of all persuasions as well as one between Jewish people of the book and believers in the Christian Church.

Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., Ph.D.
Colman Mockler Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Old Testament
President Emeritus, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

This book can be purchased directly by clicking here.

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