Moriel Japan March 19, 2013

Dear believers in grace,

Opposition When We Take a Stand

There’s a Bible school here that has a 3 week course for people from various countries.   This year Champ decided to attend.   After deciding, one of his friends from Bangkok offered him a job with a good salary, but he had to start right away.   Champ had been looking for a job and this would have been a good one, but he turned it down because of his commitment to go to the Bible school.   His friend called a couple times more and it was a big temptation for Champ but he stuck with his decision to go to the Bible school.   Now he has been really blessed in attending this school and was also a blessing to others.

For example, we invited the son of the kindergarten directors to also attend this school.   He was not a Christian but was willing to attend to improve his English.   Champ helped him with his English and also in explaining the Bible.   That young man is very interested to become a Christian now.

Street Preaching

About two weeks ago I had the opportunity of taking these Bible school students out street witnessing.   We went to an area that has many tourists and stood right between two German restaurants.   I once heard a statistic that German speakers spend more “tourist dollars” than any other people (per capita).   So I preached in German there and several others from the Bible school preached in English, and Champ and I also preached in Thai.   For some of them it was their first time to ever street preach and they did well.   We also handed out tracts and sang some songs.


Right now Khae and I are in Japan.   We came to meet Geoff and his family of Moriel and also other friends that we know here.   From 2001-2003 I was an English teacher at a college in Kumamoto.   Geoff has started an archeology club and I had some powerpoints about Bible archeology from my Maejo University days.   So, before coming I’ve been working on updating those to present here along with the gospel.   Our first two meetings no one came, which is not unusual for Japan.   Japanese people are very diligent people and also very busy with work and other activities, so unfortunately many don’t have any time for God, which is actually the most important use of our time.

Zen Monk

Not to waste our time, we went to some temples to hand out “A Dead Man Can’t Help You” in Japanese.   At one temple we were able to speak with a Zen monk, ask him about his beliefs and also share what the Bible says with him.   He said he became a monk after his friend died in a car crash.   It seemed he was searching for answers, but right now doesn’t believe in God.  We gave him my paper and Geoff also gave him a Moriel article in Japanese.  We pray that God will reveal Himself to him that he may be set free by the truth and become a laborer in the harvest fields.

Open Air Preaching

At one of the train stations we decided to do some open air preaching.   My Japanese is very limited so I preached in English and Geoff translated.   There was an outdoor area designated for smoking, so many people were standing around smoking cigarettes.   We preached the gospel and then handed out tracts.   One man came up to us asking some more questions.   It was encouraging to see.   We’re praying for him, too.   Then, as people would finish smoking, another group would congregate and we preached again.   We did this about 4 times.   Some did not seem to listen and did not want to receive a tract but others were paying attention and took a tract.   A few people got to hear more than one message also as they stuck around or left and came back.

Seeking God

Now we’re in Kumamoto where I used to live for two years, seeing some friends.   Next week we hope to go to Geoff’s city and share some Bible powerpoints there.   Please pray for the Japanese people.   Outwardly they have all the latest technology, an efficient and stable society, many forms of entertainment, etc.   But, they are on their way to losing their souls in hell, in spite of gaining much that the world has to offer.  What shall that profit (Mark 8: 36-38)?   Without faith it is impossible to please God.   Many people esteem the treasures in Egypt as greater riches than reproach for Christ, not respecting the recompense of the reward (Hebrews 11:26).   God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6).   In a society that has no time for God and seeks other things, I believe that there are still some people who sense the vanity of life without God and who are willing to face reproach for Christ, knowing that this is greater riches.   But, this takes faith.  Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.   Please pray for us as we share the Word of God here and for the people we meet that God will work in their hearts to reveal Himself to them.

In Christ, Scott and Khae

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