Petition Against Anglican Clergymen Aligning Themselves with Far Right Groups

Please email [email protected]
with the following:

Dear Archbishop,

I am writing to you regarding the actions of an Anglican vicar who is currently in Malaysia, being hosted by a Far Right political outfit.

I would like to draw your attention to the facts outlined in this article:

Reverend Doctor Stephen Sizer is the incumbent of Christ Church Virginia Water, and will be acting as Locum Rural Dean in September and October 2011, in the deanery of Runnymede.
In his capacity as an Anglican vicar, and his role as an international speaker, Sizer is presenting a heavily-politicised message which he considers to be Christian.

Yet Sizer’s associations with various anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers, his encouraging of political protests outside of synagogues on Jewish high holy days, and his theological and political views on Israel, are cause for concern.
His appearance with a Malaysian Far Right outfit is but the latest in a long line of controversial statements and actions.
Only recently, Rev. Sizer suggested that Colonel Gaddafi and his son are linked to the USA and Israel by “Jewish blood”, which explains their wicked politics:

These concerns about Rev. Sizer are particularly felt by many in the Jewish community in the UK.
In the light of my message, I strongly encourage you to publicly speak out against Anglican clergymen aligning themselves with Far Right groups.
I await your response.
Yours sincerely,

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