FIVE.TV’s Wright Stuff Abuses Christianity

12th January 2011
Christian Voice

Yesterday, the Channel Five programme The Wright Stuff, presented by Matthew Wright, had a discussion about the case of Peter and Hazelmary Bull in which he abused and misrepresented the Christian faith.,   There was no-one on the panel to put a contrary case as Wright sneered at the Old Testament and set about pontificating.,   I have written about it,  HERE where there is an easy link to see the programme.

The programme was in clear breach of the Ofcom Broadcasting Code, so I encourage you to complain to Ofcom. ‚   Again, following established Christian Voice practice, that link leads to an accessible ‚  step-by-step guide with all the relevant links.

Now all you have to do is follow the advice God gave to Isaiah, and lift up your voice like a trumpet! ‚   (Isa 58:01)

PRAY: That there will be many complaints to Ofcom and that they will rule that misrepresenting and abusing Christianity is not to be allowed. ‚   Pray for a revelation of the Lord Jesus in His majesty as King of kings to Matthew Wright and all broadcasters who take His holy name in vain.

Yours ‚  in our gracious Lord’s mighty name,

Stephen Green,

National Director
Christian Voice

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