Question Regarding Names of the Father and Son


The question with regard to the Name’s of the Father & Son are very important to many people I am sharing with, & who have & are also coming out of the false teachings of today, I am certain that this must be a question in their minds, also for those who are entering the Hebrew roots phases.



We have 20,000 New Testament manuscript fragments, codexes, parchments etc. including over 10,000 of the Gospels alone.

It is a massive body of manuscript evidence far outstripping anything other from the same time period (there are only 420 of Caesars Conquests). All of these are in Greek (not Aramaic ir Hebrew), and all use the Greek Names for God and Jesus.

There is a single historical reference from Heggisippus in the patristic era that states Matthew was originally written in Hebrew. No ancient copy of this exists and even if true it could mean the Hebrew dialect of Chaldee not Hebrew per se , and it would still only be one of the four Gospels.

The New Testament most often moreover quotes from the Greek Septuagint when citing the Old Testament/Tenak.

The same Greek consistency would be true in Apocraphyl literature and other very early Christian documents such as the Didache and Shepherd of Hermes. The uncontested and documented records are a massive body of irrefutable evidence demonstrating conclusively that these hideous claims of it being mandatory to use Hebrew Names for God and Jesus are absolutely bogus contentions devoid of credibility and must be dismissed as implausible. Those contending otherwise are unmistakable crackpots.

I speak Hebrew as does my family and various people in our ministry based in Israel and obviously there is no problem in referring to Jesus as Y’shua or to God as ‘Ha Shem’ / ‘YHWH’ etc. when speaking Hebrew. But if God had wanted to give the New Testament in Hebrew or Aramaic He would have done so. But He did not.

Those pushing these silly ‘sacred name arguments’ are at best ignorant babblers. The rest are frauds and religious charlatans.

No one should pay any attention to this pseudo spiritual cum pseudo scholarly nonsense. This ridiculous rubbish positively has no spiritual or academic credibility – linguistically, historically or otherwise. It is make believe theology; an absolute folly fit only for clowns. It is frankly idiocy to which no true Believer in Jesus/ Y’shua should subscribe. Such absurdity has no merit whatsoever.

James Jacob Prasch

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