Is Richard Abanes For Real?

After behaving like an apologist for Rick Warren & Purpose Driven, defending and explaining even Rick Warren‘s invitation to partial birth abortion ‚  arch advocate Barak Obama to his pulpit in ‚  Mr. Warren’s Saddleback church, Richard Abanes seems caught in a quagmire of his own design. ‚  In a series of circulated emails, Richard Abanes (of that church) has selectively posted half the emails exchanged in this regard on his web site (with-holding the other half), ‚  apparently in an effort to distance himself from Warren and his own comments in ‚  support of Warren.

Such conduct does not appear only hypocritical, but irrational.

Anyone of serious merit and intent wishing to see proof of this should ask Mr Abanes for a copy of his apologetic statement on behalf of Rick Warren and all of the e mails (which we have copies of). If he refuses, the reason why should be obvious.

Posting a defense of Warren ‘s actions on his website and then trying to remove himself from what he himself wrote and web posted on the same web site is absolutely hideous.

Is this man for real?

Our decision is to ignore him as a lost cause as we can only engage with people who behave in a rational manner.

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