Urgent: Prayer Request for Daniel

Moriel and Jacob Prasch request prayer for the medical recovery of Daniel in New Zealand from a family of Iranian believers saved out of Islam through the ministry of Jacob and Moriel. Details are as follows.

It was only God’s miracle for Daniel to go through what happened to him yesterday. ‚   Over the last couple of days, Arash and Nasim ‚  experienced the challenge that they nearly lost Daniel twice.

As you know Daniel had his first operation to get gastrostemy placed in his stomach on Wednesday last week. ‚   He sort of came alright enough for the doctors to discharge him on Friday night. ‚   Arash, Nasim and her mother were all looking forward to a good and proper sleep for Daniel and themselves that night at home. ‚   But shortly after they got home, Daniel’s temperature quickly increased up to 39. ‚   They did not even get a chance to have their dinner. ‚   So as they were told to go to emergency if any problem happened, they called for an ambulance and straight went to emergency. ‚   In there they quickly did some tests and x-ray. ‚   So the result was given out pretty quickly.

They realised that Daniel’s diaphragm had a hole and his body was filled with lots of fluid. ‚   That was obviously because they had not done the first operation properly so his milk that was going through the tube was leaking, not all going into his stomach but filling up other parts with fluid. ‚   They said that was life-threatening and they had to immediately operate on him.

So the operation started at 2.00 am on Saturday and by the time Arash and Nasim were relieved by hearing from surgeons, it was about 5.00 am. ‚   They cut his stomach and got all the fluid out. ‚   However the fluid in the wrong places had caused infection, which consequently caused very high temperature and very high heart beat for the whole day on Saturday. ‚   His eyes were not focused as he was under very high dosage of morphine and other pain-killers. ‚   That had also caused him to have itchy feeling, which was very frustrating and crying most of the time.

The other main problem yesterday was that his blood sugar was dropping so low in a fast rate. ‚   Then they realised that was because they were using the same vein he had for his IV fluid, for his antibiotics as well. ‚   So that meant each time the antibiotics was going through the vein for 1 hour and a half, he was missing out on his IV fluid for all the time, which was very dangerous for him with his condition. ‚   He had already missed his second vein line on Saturday morning. ‚   As it was so hard to find his vein, they had to take him to theatre once more last night to get a main line from his heart. ‚   But his blood sugar kept dropping down so low despite the fact that they had increased the sugar density in his IV.

So when Arash and Nasim came back to us after leaving Daniel in theatre, their eyes were as red as blood since Daniel’s body was not responding or accepting that sugar. ‚   The doctors had no answer for it. ‚   They did not know what was going on. ‚   So while waiting, my parents, my aunt, Arash, Nasim, her mother and I all cried out and prayed to God pleading and reminding Him of His promises. ‚   It was a tough time but we felt a bit easier after the prayers. ‚   You can’t believe how joyful tears came back to us when the surgeon came back to us after the surgery was done, and told Arash and Nasim that it had gone well and his blood sugar had raised up. ‚   We were on our knees again thanking God. ‚   It was so beautiful to hear Arash and Nasim’s prayer thanking God. ‚   Nasim said, “God, I know Daniel is yours and you have entrusted your gift to us but we will also look after your gift” and she also thanked God saying, “You allow us to bend but not to break”.

Praise to God, Daniel had a better day today. ‚   He was a bit more alert and responsive although still under morphine and other medicines. ‚   His potassium was low during the day but was better by evening. ‚   He also develops temperature every now and then. ‚   So he has to be closely monitored. ‚   He is still in intensive care sharing the room with three other children. ‚   They want to start using his gastrostomy tube with a special fluid tomorrow to see if it works ok before they start feeding his formula to him, and they want to also see if he will be able to sit up without pain or discomfort as he has had two operations done on his stomach.

We know there are people like you praying for Daniel and that God has surely heard many prayers of all of us together and has not disappointed His children. ‚   So we thank God and we truly appreciate your heartfelt prayers.

God bless you and I will update you further later on.

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