Urgent Prayer Request – Updated 3/10/11

As a serious matter of some urgency Moriel, Jacob Prasch & Pastor Marco Quintana who leads a Moriel affiliated congregation in California request prayer for the following situation involving a baby in the fellowship.

Pastor Quintana reports that one of the little ones in our children ministry, Jude Reyes, has come down with bacterial meningitis. He is 16 months old and his mom and dad have been an incredible support and encouragement in the ministry. Jude is currently at the hospital being treated with antibiotics.I visited him last night, he is not in isolation but the doctor is very concerned because of the possibility of brain damage or other complication. They doctor has done a spinal tap which is how they found he had meningitis. Please pray for Jude and for his parents, Alex and Jeff, that the Lord will grant them wisdom and comfort. Shalom May the Lord bless you (Titus 2:13).

Update: Jude now has a fever and has been very difficult to keep it down. The fever is not good news.

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