Urgent Prayer Request Updated Dec 16,2010

The first is for my nephew Aiden Winn who is 2 1/2 years old and was diagnosed with a brain tumor last week.,   He has seizures sporadically and will be operated on next week Dec. 9 to remove the tumor to determine if it is aggressive or benign. ,   He is my brother’s first born son and I would also pray for my brother Ryan and his wife Lindsay for strength and comfort as she is pregnant with their third child.,   Their second, Mason is fine and will be turning one on Saturday.,   Please pray for the doctors and all involved that no long term neurological damage will be sustained and Aiden will be healthy in recovery.,   He will have to relearn some motor skills and how to walk.,   Both Ryan and Lindsey are believers in Jesus and are raising their children as believers.

The second request is for a co-worker and friend of mine’s son. ‚   Justin’s son’s name is Jaden and he is four and a half months old and will be undergoing open heart surgery to repair a hole in his heart. ‚   That surgery will be next week also. ‚   Both Jaden’s and Aiden’s surgeries will be at the Milwaukee Children’s Hospital. ‚   I pray for strength and comfort for them also. ‚   This is especially trying for Justin who is questioning the goodness of God and how he could allow such a thing as no family history of either he or his wife have anything like this. ‚   Jaden also has Down’s Syndrome. ‚   His wife (a believer also) is more at peace with this than Justin is. ‚   I pray that Justin will return to the confidence he had in the Lord in the past when we would talk about the Bible and what we have learned.

Prayer Update

Aiden was diagnosed with stage 2 astocytomas (not sure if I spelled that correctly) and the doctors only partially removed the tumor and fluid surrounding it to do a biopsy and that was the diagnosis. ‚   No further surgery or treatment will take place until after Christmas and the doctors are trying to determine the best route to go regarding surgery and treatment.

The tumor is not affecting him mentally but it is affecting him physically in his balance and speaking with some words slurred. ‚   So much of this depends on God’s grace with the tumor and if it spreads. ‚   Pray for effective treatment and wise decision making as chemo is a consideration but they are reluctant to that with Aiden being only 2 1/2 years old. ‚   I ask for continued prayer for Aiden and my brother Ryan and his wife Lindsey and their family. ‚   God is good as the prayers and support for them from family, friends and their church has been outstanding and I Praise Him for what He has done thus far.

Jaden First of all, Praise the Lord for Jaden’s surgery. ‚   It went well despite miscues by the doctors. ‚   Jaden’s heart is functioning normally with the holes in his heart fixed and his heart is back to “normal” size for a five month old child. ‚   Justin and his family are home and Justin is back at work and Jaden does not seem to be in any pain and is eating and happy and recovering well. ‚   The doctor miscue was that there was a tube that was supposed to drain excess blood and fluids during the surgery and somehow it stopped 10 min. into the surgery and all the blood/fluids went into Jaden’s lung and the doctors/staff didn’t catch the mistake until 24 hours later requiring a second surgery to drain the lung. ‚   Despite that God is good and Jaden is recovering. ‚   Thank you all for your prayers for this family.

Cory Winn
Moriel Volunteer

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