The Ecclesiastical Domino Effect

by James Jacob Prasch
Oct 21, 2014

The fizzling of the counterfeit revivals of Toronto, Pensacola, and Lakeland with Lakeland ending in a moral scandal with Todd Bentley and Pensacola ending in an ugly split are almost ancient history.

The demise of Jim Bakker’s PTL club in a maze scandal and corruption is ancient history as is the fall of Jimmy Swaggart. In each case the Body of Christ and its message was discredited.

The collapse of Robert Schuller’s mega church The Chrystal Cathedral in $56 million in debt and the keys being handed over to the Roman Catholic church was hardly the beginning and we warned  other mega churches would soon follow.

Then we were led of The Lord to warn Calvary Chapels on YOUTUBE of the imminent shaking that would soon come upon that movement as it strayed away from its heritage left by Chuck Smith.

We do not claim that our publicly issued warnings prove that Jacob Prasch is a true prophet (a prophet is something that I have never claimed to be). Based on Deuteronomy chapter 18 however, had  the predictions I publicly stated on the internet I believed The Lord led me to articulate not transpired, it would have made me a false prophet whom Christian people should therefore  ignore.

As anticipated, my warnings and those of a few others known to us, were ignored by the Calvary Chapel establishment and what did take place as a result was exactly as I believed The Lord told  me to predict on the internet. The film clip is still available. It predates the chain of events that are nothing short of divine judgments.

The odds of the biggest Evangelical Mega church in Asia, the church of Yonggi Cho in Seoul, Korea and the largest Mega Church in the USA, Bob Coy’s Calvary Chapel, Ft. Lauderdale , Florida both  plunging into moral scandal with their pastors publicly caught are quite small. But within three weeks of each other, Yonggi Cho was criminally convicted and sentenced as a swindler while Bob Coy  was found to be a serial adulterer and sexual predator.

Indeed, the TV promoter of adulterer Todd Bentley who left his wife and children to run off with another woman was Rory Alec of the so called ‘God Channel’. It is better named the Godless Channel  where Che An, Bill Johnson, C. Peter Wagner and Rick Joyner all pronounced false prophecies over Todd Bentley only to see him abscond into an adulterous relationship 72 hours later.  Now Rory Alec has been found to be in similar immorality.

Many Calvary Chapels, as our film clipped warned, were following the vulgar antics and false teaching of Mark Driscoll. Now caught in plagiarism and scandal, using tens of thousands of funds to pay people  to buy copies of his plagiarized book in order to fraudulently manipulate it onto a best sellers list he too has been publicly nailed and removed from leadership of the chain of churches mimicking  his Mars Hill fiasco.

Now public scandal has hit Brian Broderson and Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa . Because of 1 Corinthians chapter 6 I regret this shameful mess has gone into the secular court system, but the documentation  in the filed evidence is shocking if only half of it is true. I personally believe the filmed account of the last months of Chuck Smith’s days on earth by his brother Paul which also on the internet.

We saw this coming and publicly plead with Calvary Chapel pastors to pull together and clean house in order to prevent it. But our efforts failed. We take no delight in saying “I told you so”. We tried to stop this from happening to Calvary Chapels. Unfortunately theocratic politics prevailed. Now the only thing that can save that Movement is a separation by the remnant of pastors who are still loyal to The Word of God to relaunch a new fellowship of churches. Otherwise the dominos are sure to keep falling – and fall they shall. I sincerely wish I had been wrong. But I knew I was not.

No, once again, I do not claim to be a prophet (nor am I out to make a profit). But if what I said on film posted on Facebook and on the internet had not happened as I warned – I would certainly be a false prophet.

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