Prayer Request for Rob

I’ve been enormously blessed by the Ministry of Moriel; particularly through the informative and insightful teaching of Jacob Prasch.
The reason why I am contacting you is that I am seeking wider prayer support for a friend of mine called Rob, who goes to St Matthews church in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Rob has cancer in his bowel; they can’t treat it due to inadequate blood supply in the region where it is located, so he’s on continuous chemotherapy to stop it from spreading to other areas and causing secondaries. His wife lost her first husband the same disease.

Rob and his wife are committed Christians and are lovely people; Rob is also a very gifted musician. Rob and his wife have been upheld a lot by prayer and encouragement at St Matthews, but I want to widen prayer support for them. It’s been a long haul and both have been through a lot.

I’m very hesitant in contacting any intercessory groups as I know some can very flakey.

I was wondering if you could suggest any people or groups who could pray for Rob, or pass this on yourselves for others to pray.

It would be good to pray for complete healing and not simply for the cancer to go into remission.

Thank you

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