Prayer Requests Update

Moriel & Jacob Prasch request prayer for Paul Smith, brother of Chuck Smith, Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa. . He was admitted to the hospital this evening due to a head injury and blood on the brain.

Pastor Paul is,  now home in Lucerne Valley as of 9pm last night,  and doing very well.,   His mind is clear and he doesn’t have pain.,   The doctors are amazed.,   We are not amazed at what our awesome Lord,  did for him.,   Thank you so much for your faithful,  prayers for him and Ruth and their family.,   Now we’re asking the Lord to help him rest and go slowly for a full recovery.,   He’ll return to the doctor in a week for the eight staples to be removed from his scalp.,  

Moriel & Jacob Prasch request prayer for Gabriella Sond, the premature infant daughter of pastor Teerth Sond who leads a Moriel Asian Fellowship in Great Britain. The baby is fighting infection and other complications of premature birth and her condition,  is serious. Please also pray for Teerth and his wife & family and wisdom for the physicians.

Moriel & Jacob Prasch request prayer for Teerth Sond and his family . Teerth leads a Moriel Asian fellowship in England and has lost his two week old prematurely born baby daughter Aniya Gabriella. Jacob has been requested by the family to officiate at the funeral and bring the eulogy. This is no easy task and prayer is indeed appreciate.

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