Prayer Request

Since May I have been doing open-air preaching/evangelism/witnessing on the weekend evenings.  I preach the word on street corners in Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale, and give out Bibles to whoever wants one, and witness one-on-one.  On average I give out about 5 or 6 Bibles per day that I preach.  I just leave them in a stack nearby and let people know there are free Bibles and they pick them up if they are interested.  I get the Bibles at Goodwill, Savers, used book stores, and from my church.  I go out at night after the kids are in bed because I don’t want to give up my time with my family during the day and early evening.  It’s been a blessing to see people respond to the Gospel, take Bibles, even repent and believe right there on the street!  There is also lots of opposition both “on the field and off the field,” so to speak.  Of course the enemy likes to mock, taunt, ridicule, attack anything that is of the Lord and His Word.  
I’m writing to request prayer.  I’m usually out on Friday or Saturday evenings.  Your prayers for lost souls, for the furtherance of the Gospel, for protection from the enemy, for favor with the authorities, for words that are not mine – but God’s, etc., are greatly greatly appreciated.  If you are in a prayer group or know a “prayer warrior” who would be willing to keep this in prayer, please pass the request along.  At times it’s very difficult and discouraging but there is always hope and joy in it no matter how hard it seems, because I know the Lord is doing His work, and “…neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.”[1Co 3:7].
Thank you and God bless you.
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