Egyptian Christians Request Prayer

Christian Aid Mission, December 2010

African Director Rae Burnett received this urgent plea for prayer from one of the Egyptian ministries helped by Christian Aid. Names and specific locations are omitted because of security.

“Our evangelical outreach was canceled because the police are destroying a church in the area where we live and serve. Christians gathered in front of the government building to protest. To everyone’s horror, the police opened fire on them. An unknown number of people have died so far, and many others were injured. About 156 were arrested.

“Muslims were even hitting the Christian children in schools and people who were going to church in the morning. Children and churchgoers fled and remain frightened in their homes. No one is able to leave home or to go any place. It is something like war between the police and the Christians. Twenty-five homes of Christians have been burnt to the ground.

“The many wounded were finally admitted to the hospital (which refused to take them in for almost a day after they were attacked). But the hospital is tying them to their hospital beds so they can be arrested as soon as they get better. Police refuse to allow any of their relatives to visit them.

“One of the injured died today, which inspired believers to visit again the destroyed church building. Families are afraid for the 156 of those arrested who are still missing. Nobody knows where they are.

“Please pray that the Lord will calm the situation, and that He will help those people who are suffering physically and emotionally. Pray especially that the Lord will make us able to encourage our neighbors as we live and serve God among them.

“We feel that this is not like any time before. Christians seem at the breaking point, unable to bear more and reacting in deep anger and frustration from being unfairly treated and discriminated against. So we live on the surface of a volcano. My plea is that you will pray that it calms down really in the hearts, not just the events.

“Much of the frustration of Egyptian Christians is that Egypt claims freedom of religion while actually discriminating against Christians in many subtle ways. Regulations for ministries are very strict, refusing the construction of new churches and even repairs of old ones.

“Pray that the Lord will provide for the repairs to church buildings, and that the whole situation will calm down in peace.

“God bless you and those who are praying for us. Thank you for your loving concern.”

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