Born-Again Believer & Missionary Murdered

Murder Occurs as the Hands of Islamic Terror in Israel

It is with profound regret that we are informed that Mary Gardener, the British victim murdered by Muslim terrorists yesterday in the explosion that injured dozens of people in Jerusalem, was an Evangelical Christian missionary to Togo in Africa. She was on academic furlough in Israel studying Hebrew for purposes related to her ministry. This was accompanied by rocket attacks on Ashdod and Rishon L’Tzion and the brutal murder of a Jewish family including including two small children and a baby by the Muslims in Samaria.

Some call Islam a religion of peace and others call it a murdering heathen terrorist religion of Satan. Indeed, there are jihadist Muslim fundamentalists calling it a terrorist religion themselves. As believers in Jesus we must love our enemies and pray for the salvation of both Muslims and Jews. Mary is now with her Savior who will avenge her death with the fire of hell unless they repent and believe.

We urge prayer for her mission board and for her family and for God’s swift justice for her Islamic murderers. Please pray for the protection of Israel and God’s Hand against,   those in the media, politics, and even in the so-called church who defend these enemies of Christians and Jews.

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