Australia Needs Our Prayers

We desperately need your prayers here in Australia.

Having lived through the devastating floods in Queensland 1974 I am so aware of how perilous things are there. Overnight such terrible walls of water. As many of our Moriel family on the North (Rockhampton etc) are ok and are on high land. Phil Cavanagh, Rita, Peter Danzey,  and so on.

But now we have Toowoomba and all the way down the Brisbane valley with unprecedented walls of water we have many Moriel brothers and sisters in the path. The Leembruggens were safe at Dalby but it has worsened overnight and I have not been able to contact them this morning.

The alerts to Brisbane are today that this will be the worse floods ever recorded.

My sister and brother -in-law are unable to return to their home (but praise the Lord are safe) We are having constant news flashes for people to evacuate – eight people dead – swept away last night. Please uphold these people in your prayers.

May our merciful Lord intervene.

Margaret Godwin
National Administrator
Moriel Ministries Aust

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