The Evangelical Church: A Titanic Floating On The Sea Of Apostasy

by Paul McGuire

I was talking with Pastor Chuck Smith, of Calvary Chapel, and we were discussing the battle for the Bible which is raging in many evangelical churches today.,   I remarked, that it is the norm when I hear an Evangelical or Charismatic minister preach, that often there is no reading of the Bible, or if there is a verse is taken out of context.,   Messages, and sermons now consist of jokes, motivational stories, or a monologue allegedly under the “anointing.”

I believe we are living in very dangerous time spiritually, especially in America, and Europe because the preaching, and teaching is no longer based on the Word of God. ‚   There is very little expositional teaching or direct references to Scripture. ‚   The result is that the Evangelical Movement has become like the giant cruise ship -the Titanic. As history shows the guests of the Titanic were drinking, and partying moments before the ship struck an iceberg and began to sink causing thousands of people to drown in the freezing water. ‚  In a similar manner, many in the Evangelical, Charismatic, and now the Emergent Church movement are completely unaware of the “Signs of the Times.”

Recently, while speaking at a David Hocking Prophecy Conference, at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in Southern California, I had the privilege of speaking after Jacob Prasch. I made the statement that those who are deliberately bending, and twisting the scriptures to conform with secular humanism are at war with God, because God, and His Word are one.
The Evangelical Church that I got saved in 25 years ago is no longer the Evangelical Church of today. ‚   The name “Evangelical” is the same, but the average Evangelical Church is no longer based on the Bible, or teaching or preaching the entire Word of God from Genesis to Revelation. ‚   Just channel surf Christian radio, and television. ‚   Often what you see is entertainers, performers, and celebrities, who in many cases are not preaching the Word of God. ‚   They are wealthy, comfortable, and are lulling the people of God asleep. ‚   I saw one very well known, preacher with one of the largest churches in the United States appear on Larry King. ‚   He was terrified of saying that Jesus Christ is the only way to God. ‚   Larry King, who is an astute talk show host, observed that this minister was tap dancing, and directly asked him, “Isn’t that what the Bible teaches?” The minister looked into the camera, and without a blush said that when it comes to other religions, “I don’t know their heart.” ‚  Larry King, who has been around the block, sensed he was dodging the question, and was pressuring him to simply come out, and say what the Bible teaches. ‚   Although, the minister thought he was being very clever by avoiding the question. ‚   You could tell that, although polite, Larry King perceived the statement it for what was, a cop-out, and I suspect so did millions of others.

The problem is not with this one pastor of a mega-church, who has become a television celebrity. ‚   The problem is that the softening of ‚  the Gospel, and outright denying it has become the style of a new breed of Evangelical minister who desperately seek to be friends of the world, and ‚   compromises in order to gain that acceptance. ‚   Yet, while the Gospel is being softened the world is growing harder, and harder. .America, and the world are about to face the greatest crisis it has ever known. ‚   America in conjunction with the European Union, and Russia are pressuring Israel to adopt a Two State Solution, and divide up the land that God promised to Abraham, and his physical descendants. ‚   In order to survive Israel may be forced to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities. ‚   In short, the world economic system is stumbling, and we may be well into the next World War. ‚   But, you would never know it by the “cotton candy” preaching coming from the pulpits in America.

The words of the Apostle Paul ring true when he says, “Let no one you deceive you by any means: for that Day will not come unless the falling away (apostasia ), “apostasy,” come first, and the man of sin is revealed the son of perdition.” ‚   ‚   II Thessalonians 2:3 In the same passage Paul warns of a signs, lying wonders, and a strong delusion. ‚   There is a very disturbing parallel occurring in America, Europe, and the rest of the world. ‚   The masses of people, including Christians, are looking for the Messiah in their political leaders.

In Nazi Germany the Protestant churches were weakened through the German School of Higher Criticism. ‚   Higher Criticism undermined the authority of God’s Word in the minds of Christians. ‚   Pastors were trained in “Christian” seminaries to doubt God’s Word through Higher Criticism. ‚   The result was that the German church was sufficiently weakened which created a spiritual vacuum that caused the German people to worship a political Messiah by the name of Adolph Hitler. ‚   Hitler was deeply involved in the occult, and the Third Reich was primarily an occult society which “morphed” itself into a political party. ‚   The Holocaust occurred and millions of Jews were sent to the death camps as the occult leader Adolph Hitler was welcomed by the church which was emphasizing only “Positive Christianity.” In fact, it was Adolph Hitler who first coined the phrase “Positive Christianity,” because that was the kind of weak Christianity he could manipulate.

But, in America, and around the world today, this “Positive Christianity” has resurfaced, and the new State will use this, as Hitler did to control the masses. ‚   The exact same theological teaching found in the German School of Higher Criticism have now seized control of much of the Evangelical,” and Charismatic Movements. However, Higher Criticism is simply called by a new name, the Emergent Church. ‚   Although, there may be leaders, and followers in the Emergent Church who are not fully aware of its agenda. ‚   There have been numerous published statements by leaders in the Emergent Church, Evangelical, and Charismatic which are completely heretical, and apostate.

False doctrines of universalism which teaches that there are many ways to God as long as you are sincere are abounding. ‚   Compromise about God’s standards of holiness, sexual purity, and the Bible’s definition of the family are being blurred. ‚   Entire Evangelical movements either forbid, or discourage the teaching of the prophetic scriptures, and the study of the Book of Revelation. ‚   Isn’t it ironic that the Communist Chinese government forbids churches to teach, and preach from the Book of Revelation.
Why is this happening? ‚   It is happening because the apostasy that the Apostle Paul said would occur in the last days is in full force preparing the world for the coming of the Antichrist. ‚   In addition, we see the coming one world religion emerging, the coming one world government, and the one world economic system.

The Apostle Peter said, “Knowing this first: that scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts, and saying where is the promise of His coming?” ‚   Peter 3:3-4 ‚   ‚   While much of the church is asleep, the greatest dangers the world has ever known are emerging on the horizon. ‚   The possibility of a nuclear war in the Middle East triggered by an attack against Israel, or Israel protecting itself from annihilation. ‚   The move towards global government, and the coming persecution of true believers in Jesus Christ in America, and Europe. The world is pressing its nose against the window of the Tribulation Period.

Our responsibility is to be faithful, to be salt, and light, and to occupy until He comes. ‚   In addition through strong Biblical teaching, and ministries like Moriel to understand, and guard ourselves from being swept into the great apostasy. ‚   The reality is that Jesus Christ is coming soon, but that should not produce passivity. Our hearts should be on fire with holy passion for Jesus Christ, and on an individual basis each one of us must make sure that we make ourselves available to our Lord, and Master Jesus Christ. ‚   For the Bridegroom cometh! ‚   Come quickly Lord Jesus!

You can reach Paul at his websites: ‚ or Paul McGuire Ministries P.O. Box 220567 Newhall California, U.S. 91322-0567

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