Stephen Sizer in Iran

Sep 12, ’08 12:00 AM
for Richard’s network

Anglican vicar Stephen Sizer is author of the controversial book Christian Zionism with its factual errors and anti-Judaic sentiment. [see Mike Moore’s fulsome expose of these errors in the ‚  current issue of Mishkan]

Many simply state that Sizer ‚  is an anti-Semite in denial. (here, here, here & here) ‚  He ‚  loudly ‚  proclaims he is not an anti-Semite yet would happily consider and seemingly work for a future without the world’s only Jewish country! Is it any surprise that it is said that ‚   the first book the Radio and TV agency of the Islamic fundamentalist Iranian government has translated from a Christian author into Persian is ‚  Sizer’s anti-Zionist ‚  Christian Zionism.

On Sizer’s recent visit to Iran he appeared on Iranian state television, wearing his clerical collar, ‚  to attack fellow Christians who believe that the State of Israel is not God’s big mistake. Sizer also met with leaders of Orthodox Christian denominations in Iran and wrote about them in his report on his web site as if they were evangelical rather than nominal Christians. This is odd for a man who claims to be an evangelical!

Sizer sought justification for his visit and book being translated by the Iranian regime by claiming Christian leaders he met were happy about the translation of his book. However I cannot imagine nominal Christians disagreeing with anything the ‚  extremist Ahmadinajad government does without some degree of fear! Many British evangelical churches in urban centres now have Iranian members who have been forced out of Iran because of persecution of real Christians.

Watching Sizer on Iranian TV reminded me of the days when British politician George Galloway used to visit that paradigm of human rights Sadaam Hussein!

The program is viewable on You Tube: here

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