Robert Morey Thrown Out Of His Denomination

After refusing to meet with board officials of the Reformed church movement with whom he has been a credentialed member, over further and repeated allegations of unethical activity, Robert Morey of ‘Faith Defenders’, based in Orange County, California has been told to resign from the ‘Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals‘ a ‚  major Reformed Conservative Evangelical organization.

Morey has been plagued with multiple charges of everything from gross and habitual financial impropriety to documented proof of misrepresentation of the convictions of others, ‚   ‚  to academic fraud with a bogus doctorate in Islam amidst outragous claims as “having read everything in the US Library of Congress on Islam” (over 7,000 volumes, monograms etc. to say nothing of the fact he cannot read Arabic). A constant array of charges of abusive leadership by members ‚  and former members of ‚  his church and disassociation from him by many if not most of his former colleagues no longer willing to invite him to participate in the conference circuit, Morey has lost both his radio broadcast and his building plus many church members and now appears to be in the process of losing what declining credibility he has left in ‚  his self inflicted ‚  course of demise driven by the ramifications ‚  of his own actions. Now ‚  ‘FIRE’ have requested his resignation from it.

The statement below was circulated to all members of the Fellowship of Independent Reformed Churches.

Notice to FIRE members:

Robert Morey (Orange, CA) has resigned as an individual member of FIRE at the unanimous request of the Board. A FIRE member-church requested the Board’s assistance in resolving issues with Dr. Morey that had spread outside his congregation and affected other churches, Christian organizations and individuals. The Board received substantial evidence of a pattern of behavior in which Dr. Morey abused his pastoral authority and grossly mistreated people under his care. After Dr. Morey refused a request to meet with members of the Board in a conference call concerning these matters, the Board unanimously requested his resignation.

On behalf of the Board,
Bruce A. Ray

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