Robert Morey Debate Challenge

Dr. Robert Morey of the “Faith Defenders” organization in California has been proven “prima faci” by hard documentation to have lied in his slanderous allegation that Jacob Prasch “does not believe in Providence” , while the very document Morey twists out of context emphatically affirms Jacob”s belief in providence. Morey”s additional faulty assertions about the meaning of Ecclesiates 9:11 were concocted on the basis of a bogus appeal to the original languages. But as is posted on the Moriel website, two distinguished Evangelical Ivy League academics in Greek and Hebrew (Dr. Siam Bhayro,Professor Athanassios Chliaris) have verified Jacob”s interpretation of the original Greek and Hebrew meanings and grammar.

Evangelical experts in Islam have also pronounced Morey to be a liar and a fraud and the seminary from where he claims his doctorate in Islam publicly states that it is a fake. Every Evangelical in Islam expert we have consulted additionally dismisses Morey’s claim to have reads everything in the U.S. Library of Congress on Islam as preposterous as it includes over 7,000 volumes!

Morey indeed creates the impression of being a liar and a charlatan.

Jacob Prasch was the first and most vocal voice in the UK challenging the annihilationism of John Stott, which Morey also accused Jacob of and wanted to debate, after Jacob had already put out a widely circulated tape opposing annihilationism.

Exactly how Morey expected Jacob to argue in favor of something he not only does not believe but demonstrably opposed, Morey does not explain. Jacob also firmly warns against the doctrine of “soul sleep” in his Thanatology tape series (in the public domain for several years) and none of his books ever states that Jacob holds this erroneous doctrine Morey accuses him of. Again, one cannot debate in favor of that which one has for some time publicly opposed in a recorded format heard by many thousands.

The question is why does Robert Morey only wish to debate Jacob Prasch on issues he knows that Jacob does not believe and has even publicly stood against in tapes heard by many thousands globally?

Jacob Prasch has openly stated, however, that he will gladly accept to publicly debate Robert Morey on the issue they do not agree: the original Hebrew text of Ecclesiastes 9:11. On our web site we already have soon to be published top level scholarly opinion debunking Morey’s abject position. The debate should be moderated by two independent Hebrew scholars from Biola or Talbot Seminary, be video recorded, and be pre-advertised and open to the general Christian public. This was already forwarded to Morey’s camp but we have had no response.

If Robert Morey, already publicly caught lying, challenged by professional biblical linguists, and discredited as having phony academic credentials wishes to debate, all he must do is to simply quit running and say so.

Anyone wishing to see the academic responses by Professor Chliaris and Dr. Bhayro to Robert Morey’s pseudo scholarly nonsense are invited to access our website.

Anyone wishing to review ‚  the charges by the Asian Christians that Morey is a thief, a fraud, and a liar are invited to check the web links to their statements on our web site.

That Morey is liar is publicly proven and documented. That he is an academic fraud in his claims about formal scholarly credentials is publicly proven. Since he wants to debate, now is his chance to publicly prove that he is not also a coward.



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