John Stott Deceased

False teacher and anti Israel author John Stott: Dead in England at age 90.

We do not and can not pass judgments on the standing of John Stott before Christ in terms of salvation. ,  However, James 3:1 instructs us that teachers will be judged more strictly than the rest and Stott taught God’s people error and deception. Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones warned of Stott many years ago when Stott promoted the usual line of unscriptural Anglican dogma including infant baptism, Erastianism (state church), mono episcopacy, replacement theology, non-millennialism, etc. He was also a Calvinist.

In more recent years however, Stott propounded annihilationism, denying we can preach eternal conscious damnation of the unsaved in eternal hell. He commended author Stephen Sizer’s book, Christian Zionism: Roadmap to Armageddon, that attacks Israel and assails Christians who recognize a prophetic purpose of God in the modern state of Israel. Stott’s endorsement reads:

“I am glad to commend Stephen Sizer’s ground-breaking critique of Christian Zionism. His comprehensive overview of its roots, its theological basis and its political consequences is very timely. I myself believe that Zionism, both political and Christian, is incompatible with biblical faith. Stephen’s book has helped to reinforce this conviction.”

John Stott was deceived and he Satan used him to deceive others. The degree to which the Lord also used him for good ‚  will remain a matter of opinion. We do not question that he did present a scripturally valid gospel despite the erroneous false doctrines which he imparted to God’s people from his pulpit at All Souls, Langham Place Church in London.

Despite our profound dislike of John Stott as a Calvinist and a teacher of error, we do not receive the news of his passing with any sense of joy. But because of the damage he did to the Body of Christ with his false teaching, neither can we mourn it. Unfortunately the falsehood he wrote and preached will likely endure beyond his temporal tenure.

To religious Evangelicals, Stott will be remembered as a preacher of the gospel. To discerning believers, he will be remembered as a false teacher of doctrinal error who misled the church. To others, he will be viewed as a mixture of the two. This may indeed be closer to the truth.

While he utterly disgusted us as a supposed expositor of God’s Word, when in fact he was a propagator of pseudo spiritual religious rubbish, we do not deny that souls for whom Christ died were saved through his evangelistic preaching. God will judge John Stott. On the basis of God’s Word however, we have judged his doctrine and found too much of it to be fundamentally false.

John Stott in his death personifies British Evangelical Anglicanism; it is dead, having committed spiritual and doctrinal suicide due to adoptinging the error taught by John Stott and others like him.

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