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Joel Edwards is a consummate theocrat who,  has done,  nothing as one false and unbiblical route to revival after another failed in Great Britain during his EA leadership. Thus included the Maurice Cerullo fiasco (exploitative in particular of Afro Caribbean’s),  and the Toronto debacle that after all of the big talk and promises of its proponents amounted to absolutely nothing.In The 1990″s according to The Brierly Report, church attendance in the UK declined by over 1 million despite Toronto, Alpha, and other gimmicks mainly during the supposed leadership tenure of JoelEdwards as honcho of the spiritually and theologically declining EA..,  By any reasonable assessment, Joel Edwards is,  a failed leader and a mere theocratic politician masquerading as a would be voice for UK Evangelicism.

As even bringing a bible into Saudi Arabia is illegal, as the dearth toll of Black African Christians exterminated by Islam in Sudan reaches 3.3 million, and as becoming as Christian remains in illegal in even more moderate

Arab countries such as Egypt, true to his chameleon nature,,  Joel Edwards singles out Israel,  for criticism despite Israel being the one country in The Middle East fully protecting the human rights and religious liberty of Arab Christians – especially Evangelicals.

He has undoubtedly learned the idiotic litany of Dr. Awad in Bethlehem but has predictably ignored the voices of Pro Israel Arab Evangelicals such as Yoserf Fara. Joel Edwards makes no comment on the Hamas threats to Arab Christians such as closure of Christian book shops in Gaza after the Israelis departed. He makes no mention of the Islamic terrorist takeover of the Church of The Nativity in Bethlehem when the Israelis negotiated the rescue of the hostage clergy, or of the fact that Bethlehem has been politically and demographically transformed from an Arab Christian town to a predominantly Islamic one.

Neither does Joel Edwards have any comments on the,  genocidal extermination of Christians by Islam in the Southern Philippines, East Timor, The Malaccan Islands, or Somalia.,  He ignores the Christmas appeal of Barnabas Fund on behalf of the persecuted church in the Islamic world and only has Christmas occasion,  to misrepresent the truth about Israel.

Islamic terror of the same brand responsible for the London tube bombings forced Israel acting in self defense ,  to build a,  barrier,   that has saved many lives, both Arab and Jewish,  . As Joel Edwards turns a deaf ear to the cries of the countless,  Christians suffering even martyrdom for their faith in Jesus in Islamic countries to bully Israel guilty of nothing more than standing up to the Jihadist oppression that murders Christians, Joel Edwards remains as ever true to his own well established reputation for compromise, hypocrisy, and unmitigated failure as a supposedly Christian leader.

Whether Joel Edwards is a mere religious liar or an ignoramus is a judgment we prefer to leave to others. But his action further affirm the rank folly of the Evangelical Alliance and lends further credence to those who have left it as the useless relic of,  the better age in 1846 that it truly has become.

It is very difficult not to interpret Joel Edward’s actions as a cheap publicity stunt of a failed leader, who unable in his demonstrably inept capacity to come to terms with the downward spiral of biblical Evangelicism in the UK, diverts attention to a bias perspective of events in The Middle East, uttering not a word about the plight of Christians in Iran where over 40% of the pastors have been murdered by radical Islam. I personally only wish that Joel Edwards would go and find himself an honest job and that biblical Christians would seek the Lord to raise up an alternative to the abject Evangelical Alliance, whose theological bankruptcy is only eclipsed by the incompetence of its hypocritical leadership.

Joel Edwards is a Black African Christian in Britain. If he were rather a Black African Christian being persecuted by Islam in Darfur or Northern Nigeria in Africa, he would,  be singing a very different tune.

J. Jacob Prasch
Moriel Ministries

Israel ““ Peace At A Price

Christmas message from the Rev Joel Edwards, General Director of the Evangelical Alliance.

Peace on earth has always come at a price – this was brought home to Joel Edwards during his visit to Bethlehem just before Christmas.

The land is now divided by the wall installed by the Israeli Government; but Israel’s security has come at a heavy cost to Palestinians. Those living in Bethlehem rely on the tourist trade, which has almost ceased
to exist.

Joel met Palestinian Christians in Bethlehem – home of one of the largest Palestinian Christian communities in the Middle East and spent time talking to its mayor and deputy mayor. The deputy mayor’s daughter had been shot dead; but he had taken the decision to forgive.

In his Christmas message, Joel vividly describes watching a businessman weep beside the dividing wall, and visiting an evangelical Bible College in the heart of Bethlehem.

Many Christians will regard the nation of Israel as a sign of God’s fulfilled promises to his people, but Joel’s visit also led him to a deeper recognition that in the complex situation in today’s Bethlehem, the words ‘Palestinian’ and ‘Christian’ are not contradictory.

He speaks of the first Christmas, also a time of military tension, when God called both ordinary Jewish shepherds, and high-born Persian wise men, to honour Jesus.

Joel says the experience of his visit to Bethlehem has spurred him to prayer: “for the security of the Jewish people, who are returning to the land of Promise. And to work for justice for those who are oppressed.”

The message will be available within the next few days online at .

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