False Prophet Once Again A Public Clown

Doomsday Prophet Harold Camping Proven Wrong Again

Have you heard of the pseudo-Christian doomsday prophet Harold Camping?,   Today he has once again proven himself to be a false prophet.

Harold Camping, who years ago predicted Judgment Day to be in September ,  of 1994, has once again predicted the end of the world.,   According to Harold ,  Camping, the return of Christ and the rapture were supposed to happen today, and Judgment Day is/was supposed to begin today, May 21, 2011.

Jesus ‚  warned 2000 years ago about people like this. ‚   The Bible is very ‚  clear that no man knows the day or the hour of the rapture. ‚   Only God knows!

Also to note, all but one of the New Testament books warns about spiritual ‚  deception and deceivers. ‚   How is it that Harold Camping, who deceived people in 1994, has ‚   again deceived ‚  many people in the name of Christ, saying that the rapture was supposed to ‚  occur today along with the beginning of God’s judgments upon all who were not raptured?

Well, May 21, ‚  2011 is now here and Harold Camping is proved to be a false prophet ‚  again! ‚   Instead of today being the rapture day, it is the official confirmation date for Harold ‚  Camping to be a twice-over false prophet [1994 and 2011].

To learn more about the deception behind Harold Camping’s worldwide radio broadcasting network [Family Radio – Family Ministries, Inc.]

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Harold Camping Exposed as a False Prophet – Again!

Chris Lawson, Director
Spiritual Research Network, Inc.

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