Faith Theological Seminary Gujranwala Disowns DD Degree Awarded To Dr. Robert Morey

by Pakistan Christian Post

Gujranwala. The Board of Directors of FTS Gujranwala in a meeting today at New campus of FTS at Sialkot Road , decided to withdraw the Doctor of Divinity Degree to Dr. Robert Morey in August 1996. Dr. Robert a Morey is leading a ministry named ‘Defender of Faith’ at Orange in California State, USA and FTS degree was awarded to him in USA instead of FTS convocation at Gujranwala. The Board of Directors retreated that any degree awarded on behalf of FTS abroad without presence of Chancellor, Principal or any Member of Board of Directors of FTS can not be considered valid. The meeting further clarified that degrees awarded abroad can be called for evaluation and confirmation but same was denied by Dr. Robert Morey on frequent requests made by the FTS.

The FTS Board of Directors said that Robert Morey was not on graduation list of FTS in year 1996 nor the FTS was aware of awarding DD degree to Dr. Morey. It was confirmed by the meeting that FTS holds its graduation in month of March every year not in month of August as it’s stated in the DD degree hold by Mr. Morey.

Bishop T Nasir commenting on this issue said “The degree of DD that was awarded to Dr. Robert Morey never originated from Gujranwala, Pakistan and as such we do not take any responsibility of the Doctor of Divinity degree awarded to him”.

Bishop T Nasir said “I agree with the decision made by the Board of Directors of FTS to disown the DD degree of Dr. Morey”

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