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Robert A. Morey, treacherous thief, malicious person, third rate scholar, self appointed bishop, who is misleading the Christians and Pakistani Christians living in North America and with his spite, malice he has corrupted the Christianity.

There is no doubt in my mind that Robert Morey is an Insane Monster misleading the Christians of North America. He claims to be a scholar and authority on Islam yet all he does or has done so far is nothing different that an “illiterate Mullah”  of a remote village of Pakistan. He is a “fame hungry”  person and will do anything that could bring his name to lime light. Robert Morey is the person who was caught by the administration of the Faith Theological Seminary Gujranwala, Pakistan, for keeping and using a degree of Doctor of Divinity that never originated from Gujranwala Pakistan. He is fighting Islam but against the very Christian spirit. He has yet to preach Christianity to Muslims but he has painted such a bleak picture of Christianity and Christians that no one from any other faith will come to Christ. He is a “hate trader” , who creates hate by insulting other religions, their “Holy Personage”  their doctrine and their belief. In his writing and debates he has yet to present Lord Jesus Christ and preach salvation through faith in Lord Jesus Christ. He made some success by his cheap arguments, abusive language and immoral terminology against Islamic ideology. He was able to make some followers in North America but failed to follow Lord Jesus Christ.

I heard Robert A. Morey’s name when a dissident Pakistani met me at a common friend’s residence in August 1992. This dissident Pakistani who was a failure in Pakistan made his way to United States and was selling a “Video Tape”  and a “small booklet” . The Video Tape I watched while still at the resident of the common friend. There was nothing worth mentioning. It was full of abusive language for Islam and after his lecture he left without answering any question from the audience. The booklet was nothing but a collection of various quotations from the Kuran and Hadees. Robert Morey had failed to give a reasonable and scholarly argument against “Islamic Doctrine” . All he did was to attack the founders of Islam. He lacked basic knowledge on Islam. I myself who often remained in debates with Muslims in Pakistan ever since 1980 found that Robert Morey was neither defending any Christian doctrine nor preaching the Risen Lord to Muslims. (The price of the video tape and the booklet was 20.00 Dollars Only, yet I refused to buy it even at a lower price of 10 Dollars Only). The Pakistani representative of Robert Morey was much disappointed for he did not earn his “commission”  yet I did not feel the need to buy Morey’s nonsense.

In year 1993 while I was visiting my relatives and friends I was invited to take part in a demonstration against the “Blasphemy Laws”  in Pakistan in front of Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC. However, I declined the invitation because frankly stating, I do not oppose the “Blasphemy Law”  in Pakistan. On the other hand I have always denounced the misuse of such laws. (I requested the Pakistani Christian leadership to start a campaign to widen the Scope of “Blasphemy Law”  (Section 295-B and 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code) by including Bible and Jesus Christ. My suggestion was that Section 295-B of Pakistan Penal Code should have Section 295-B (I) for the Holy Ku’ran and Section 295-B (II) for the Holy Bible and the same way 295-C (I) for Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and 295-C (II) for Lord Jesus Christ. It was printed time and again in our magazine “the monthly Kalam-e-Haq”  and some of the “Columnists”  of Pakistani News Papers such as the Daily Jang Lahore agreed with my proposal. This suggestion or proposal was not accepted by the Christian Leadership.

After the Washington demonstration, I met the organizer of the demonstration who was deeply disappointed for two reasons.

  1. Despite the arrangement of transport only twenty to thirty people turned out for the demonstration.
  2. Robert Morey who was given a round trip air ticket to attend the demonstration, demanded Twenty Thousand Dollars for “Lobbying”  for Pakistani Christians trying to get the “Blasphemy Law”  from Pakistan Penal Code.

Thereafter I never cared to know what Robert Morey was doing, his name was unheard in Pakistan till I found out that he received an illegal degree of Doctor of Divinity from unauthorized group of people in United States in the name of Faith Theological Seminary Gujranwala Pakistan on 10th of August 1996 at Blackwood New Jersey. To save the shame of Robert Morey I termed those people who gave the degree to Robert Morey “former representatives” . On further investigation we found out that our “former representatives”  in United States and whom we fired in April 1995 had “desecrated”  and brought an “insult”  to the Faith Theological Seminary Gujranwala Pakistan by awarding the honor of Doctor of Divinity to Robert Morey.

As I mentioned above, after 1993 we never cared what Robert Morey was doing to earn his bread and butter. We contacted Robert Morey in good faith and requested him to send his degree to the Faith Theological Seminary Gujranwal, Pakistan for verification as we do not have his name on our graduating class in March 1996. We also intended to validate his degree in case he did deserve such honor from Faith Theological Seminary, Gujranwala Pakistan. We did mention that if he did not get his degree verified from us, we shall let the people of United States that the degree that is claimed by Robert Morey was given to him in our name without our knowledge, consent or permission. Having no moral courage, Robert Morey immediately declared me a Muslim and he used filthy language. He wrote, you are probably a Muslim who want to kill those who awarded the degree of Doctor of Divinity to find a place in Islamic whorehouse paradise. He totally ignored my first name “Timotheus”  and tried to hide behind my last name “Nasir” . I was surprised that how could a Christian scholar ignored “Timotheus”  which is a Greek name translated in English, “Timothy” . More over the letter ended with the wording, “In Lord Jesus Christ” . How could a Muslim write these word? Further I had written “Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir” . The first thought of any Christian would have been that the writer is a Bishop and certainly a Christian as the Muslims do not prefix the words “Right Reverend”  with their names. More over I started the letter with my introduction that I am the Principal/President of Faith Theological Seminary Gujranwala Pakistan. He wrote that he has not heard of me from Pakistani Christians living in Philadelphia. I agreed that no one knows me in Philadelphia but people who desecrated our degree in Blackwood New Jersey know me too well and If I say some of them know me since last 56 years I would not be wrong. After this the real Robert Morey revealed himself fully by calling me “Anti-Christ”  and “idiot” . Then came his e-mail informing me that he has “blocked”  my further “e-mails”  and gave reference of Matthew 7:9. He used the Holy Bible to abuse me and call me “dog”  and “swine” . This is how I concluded that Robert Morey is nothing but a “thief”  who was caught “Red Handed” . He had no answer but use abusive language for me. Then came his “slaves and parasites”  to rescue him with their “internet and encyclopedia knowledge” . Gave illogical arguments to save Robert Morey from the “shame”  he was going through. Finally he recollected his shattered state of mind and posted his “illegal”  and “forged”  degree on his web site www.faithdefenders.com Robert Morey posted “garbage”  on his web site. There he translated my name from Timotheus Nasir to Timothy Nasir. I don’t know who authorized him to change my name from “Timotheus”  to “Timothy” ? Earlier we had canceled the degree of Doctor of Divinity and sent him a certificate of the canceled degree. (You can read the certificate in News section of our web site www.siloampak.org).

The point to note is that how someone sitting in America on 10th of August 1996 could sign this statement, that he or they have affixed their name in “Gujranwala Pakistan on this 10th day of August 1996? There was no legal representative of Faith Theological Seminary Gujranwala Pakistan present in Blackwood New Jersey in the so-called ceremony at Blackwood New Jersey. The Faith Theological Seminary holds its annual graduation at Gujranwala Pakistan in the month of March each year. The date of Graduation is announced in December each year and the candidates are informed well in time. Therefore any degree awarded to any one that is not awarded in the month of March from Gujranwala Pakistan is forged, fake, illegal and fraud and Robert Morey stands guilty of all the charges that are mentioned above.

Now Robert Morey may give any justification on his degree, no sane person will accept that. He has been proven guilty of forgery, keeping and using illegal and fake degree and fraudulently using it with his name. It must also be noted that no one in the world has right to validate the degree that has been fraudulently issued in our name. Only we have the right to validate or cancel any such degree keeping in view the character of the individual. In Robert Morey we found a man who is a thief, a liar, a cheat and a fraud. We do not honor such shameful individuals. Robert Morey must forget that he ever got a degree of Doctor of Divinity from Faith Theological Seminary Gujranwal Pakistan. The sooner he does that the better it is for him.

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