Benny Hinn’s Wife Files for Divorce

Slaughter of the Sheep

This news is pretty apropos considering what we have been discussing lately on this blog ““ the subject of divorce.

Word of Faith’s brightest star and most well-known evangelist, Benny Hinn, is getting a divorce.,   Hinn’s wife, Suzanne,,  filed for divorce on February 1, 2010 in Los Angeles.,   Hinn and his wife had been married for more than 30 years.,   The reason?,   The oft cited “irreconcilable differences.”,   That wasn’t one of the conditions Jesus gave for justifiably seeking a divorce,,  but, since divorce is an epidemic in our church, we clearly see that many Christians don’t follow the commands of Jesus regarding divorce.

It will be interesting to hear any public statement Hinn makes about this.

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Update: Benny Hinn’s long-time senior advisor, Don Price, released a statement.,   The news of the divorce seems to have caught Hinn by as much surprise as it did everyone else.,   To read the statement, please click here.

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