Assemblies of God and Elim – Living in a Fool’s Paradise

Philip Powell the author of this piece is planning a short ministry tour of UK in May/June 2011, when he had hoped to offer the first of a series of books entitled Whatever Happened to the Assemblies of God. That now seems unlikely so it is being published as a two part series in CETF as a prelude to the book series, God Willing. Preparatory to this an early draft of this article was sent to the AoG-UK and Elim head-quarters and, through the kind service of John Glass, General Superintendent of the Elim Pentecostal Churches (ECC) was forwarded at the suggestion of Philip Powell to Colin Dye , senior pastor of Kensington Temple London, UK. Colin Dye and Philip Powell engaged in extensive email correspondence, which ultimately led to an impasse. During the discussion Colin Dye attempted to embargo Philip Powell, who refused to accept Colin Dye’s restrictive confidentiality insistence.

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“Assemblies of God and Elim – Living in a Fool’s Paradise”

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