Alan Morrison’s Reply to Our Response

We are disappointed but not surprised that in his reply to our response to his unbalanced attack on Christians supportive of Israel as “useful idiots” and the deranged nature of his attack on Premillenialism as “blasphemy” that he did not respond to issues. Predictably, unable to challenge the factual substance of Jacob Prasch’s response on behalf of Moriel, Mr. Morrison took the “ad hominem approach” assailing the messenger for want of factual ability to address the message.

Mr. Morrison’s hollow reaction implicitly verifies the factual substance of our piece.

After his erratic monogram on Israel, Mr. Morrison lost his church, his Pastorate, his job, and left his country. This was with little doubt the kind of divine judgment warned of in Genesis 12:1-3. In Britain, he misused the ministry to touch the apple of God’s eye, so God took away his ministry in Britain. “Golden handshakes” do not mitigate the fact that after being knifed in the back by his fellow Calvinists in England, Mr. Morrison also left Holland.

The gnostic nature of his hermeneutics and his wild conjectures speak for themselves.

Psychiatric medicine calls conspiracy theorists “Patients suffering delusional paranoia”. Mr. Morrison calls it “discernment”. When people like Alan Morrison make conspiracy theories a “Christian crusade”, they earn themselves reputations as “religious fruitcakes baked with a lot of nuts”.

Mr. Morrison’s conspiracy theories have nothing to do with biblical prophecy. Biblical eschatology is focused on the prophetic agenda of God for Israel which Mr. Morrison rejects, (and on a view of the church which is Premillenial which he also rejects in favor of secular conspiracy theories, such as the CIA or Mossad blowing up the World Trade Center instead of militant Muslims). When one looks at the fanciful nature of the conspiratorial conjecture he treats as fact and moreover as ministry, it becomes impossible for any truly discerning Christian to react in any way to Mr. Morrison other than dismissing him as some kind of “kook” who may be in serious need of help.

Whatever Mr. Morrison’s twisted beliefs are, we only wish he would stop calling it Christianity and find another name for it. His conspiracy theory gospel has biblically nothing to do with scriptural Christianity.

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