A Welsh Pastor Reacts to the False Doctrine Stuart Olycott

by Pastor Jeremy Reese

As a welsh pastor I have consistently had to contend with replacement theology which is widespread through welsh churches.,   It is sad that at the time we were having a revival there was a violent pogrom against jews in Merthyr.,   Obviously Genesis 12: 3 has not been widely read or studied.

The argument for replacementism i.e. Israel has been replaced by the church in Gods purposes. ‚   Jewish people are no different from any other group, as they need salvation in Jesus. ‚   Apart from repentance, salvation and incorporation to the church Jews have no future or calling. ‚   Their argument to be a son of Abraham is to have faith in Christ (Galations 3:29). ‚   Sonship to Abraham is spiritual not national. ‚   Israel was only the seed of a future church which includes everyone.

They say Jesus taught the Jews would loose their privileges and be replaced by another people (Matt 21: 43.) Acts 1: 6 shows the disciples ignorance and Jesus ignores it in his answer, they also say a true Jew is anyone born of the spirit, (Romans 2: ‚   28-29) as Mr Olyott points out. ‚   Paul shows the church is really the same olive tree as Israel so to separate the two is false. ‚   Lastly all old testament promises to Israel, unless fulfilled before Jesus now belong to the Christian Church are not literal but spiritual and symbolic.

Replacement theology is entrenched in the church from the early fathers, Luther and the reformers. ‚   The appeal does not require literal interpretation also appeals to human nature in that why should God have favourites.

What seems to be overlooked, Israel via Abraham, Isaac and Jacob have, are and will be important to God, not every Jew will be saved but unlike others Israel is chosen by God for his purposes, Jesus came from them and to their land will come to that land again. ‚   Now Jews and gentiles can only be saved through Jesus, but even unsaved Jews are favoured by God, a large percentage of the people rejected Jesus and so lost their land and forfeited Gods promises for a season. ‚   ‚   Yet there have always ‚   been Jews who have come to know and love Jesus, Jewish people are unique in history, keeping their identify despite until recently not having their own homeland, inspite of forced conversions, genocide and sometimes even their own desires to blend in with gentiles. ‚   The Lord God made promises to the Jews how could he give them to another people and be trusted, look at the sin within the Christian Church. ‚   Romans 2 instead of extending the promises to the gentiles, limits true Jewishness to those circumcised of heart. ‚   Paul when writing to Timothy and Titus shows us the difference, acts 16:3 galations 2: 3. ‚   In James he writes to the twelve tribes in the diaspora, obviously he is writing to Jewish Christians. ‚   My friend Paul was chosen to go to the gentiles, he says that Jews are still Israelites even if they reject Jesus, but still belong through the law, worship and promises. ‚   Though most reject, Paul still prayed for their salvation. ‚   (Romans 10 1-4). ‚   There is always a remnant of true believers even if there is a large amount of unbelievers, the Lord has blinded the majority to the truth, (Romans 11 7-10) ‚   Gentile salvation designed to make Israel envious (Romans 11: 11) . ‚   A future national repentance is expected for Israel we know Paul is talking not just the elect will be saved but also the mystery of Israel (Romans 11 25-27 ““ linked to Zachariah 12: 10). ‚   I would draw everyone attention to Romans 11:29 Gods gifts and callings are without repentance even after salvation, Paul says that he is a Jew. ‚   God has made promises to the Jews, it is very hard sometimes to apply them to the Church, (Psalm 105 8-10.) ‚   The Lord God has no plan to replace Israel, (Jeremiah 31: 37) ‚   He is going to bring them back to the land, give them a new heart (Jer 32: ‚   37-41). ‚   I being a gentile still look forward to “next year in Jerusalem”.


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