Phillippine Garbage Dump Children New Years

Dear Bro. Jacob and Bro.David,
Greeting you in Jesus Name.

Phillippine Garbage Dump Children New Year's Service

My family and Moriel Kids gave thanks unto our holy and gracious God last December 31, 2011. The children had joyfully received the blessings and appreciated them so much.

We started in prayer, Jomar Panwelos led the opening song, while Jacob, my son, played the organ.

Children offered their song of praises unto the Lord. And I gave them a short message of encouragement.

Before they eat, prayer of thanks for the delicious food. The Kitchen workers, Ann- my wife, and Grace- my daughter, served the food. They had spaghetti, hotdog, gelatine, banana, ice cream, shanghai roll, juice drink, and roasted pig(Lechon baboy). It was the first time for most of the children to have eaten a roasted pig because it is one of the most special foods of Filipinos in every special occasions. The children enjoyed their food. They ate as long as they liked.

Phillippine Garbage Dum Children praying for food
Prayer & thanksgiving for the food

They rested for a while after eating, then they had some parlor games like Trip to Jerusalem, Bring Me and etc. The small boy- Joren Panwelos had a high score in telling Memory Verses as many as they could. The small girl-Mary Mae Amposta had a high score in singing Praise Songs as many as they could.

After the games, the children had some take home goodies in a plastic bag composed of fruits like apple, ponkan, dalandan and candies. They all went home with a smile in their faces and a happy tummy.

Truly, we should thank the Lord in everything.
Thank you very much and Happy New Year.

In Christ,
Ptr. Paul

Children singing praises to the Lord
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