Phillippine Garbage Dump Children June 2012

Greeting you in Jesus.
We praise and thank the Lord God Almighty for He answered our prayers with the young dump children. We give thanks to you, to Sis. Marg, to Moriel Ministries, to all our supporters who support the Ministry-programs and missions, for God use all of you as His channels of blessings.
The young children already received their personal Bible. They were proud to take their Bible in every Bible study and in every christian gathering.They have already a good acoustic guitar for them to learn to play it, and use their talent in serving the Lord.
We bought microphone and set of speakers. we open it while the children are on eating to hear the praise and worship songs, to condition their minds and heart to the mercy and goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ. We will also use it for Bible study,seminars, and other christian activities.
We installed the screen at the entrance and window of the main feeding room to block the flies and,  mosquitoes.
Rain always falls here, our dump children got wet when they came to the feeding area. To protect them from colds we bought them rain coats and umbrellas. They will use and wear it when they come to the feeding room, they will also use it in going to School.
Every time the smell and the ask from the dump is bad, We give medicine to the children. We thank the Lord that so far no one is getting sick. We monitored their weight, most of them gained weight while others are just the same.
These are the things that we haven’t done yet:
,  1. Repair of leaking roof at the main feeding room.
,  2. Construction of wall,door and windows for the extension feeding room.
,  3. Computer for the children’s schooling.
Thank you so much. May our gracious God continue pouring His blessings to everyone in the ministry.
Sincerely in Christ,
Ptr. Paul
Please click here to view a short video of the children.
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