Phillippine Garbage Dump Children December 2012

Dear Bro. Jacob and Bro. David,
Grace to you and peace from our Lord Jesus Christ. ,  ,   Moriel_xvid
It was a joyful experience again of our Dump children this Year End Thanksgiving party. They received the teaching of God’s goodness and learn to appreciate the lord’s mercy and good people.
They sung praises to the Lord and we all together express our prayer of thanks, giving thanks to the Lord, for you , Moriel ministries family and to all supporters.
They enjoy eating delicious foods and they received Moriel gifts- grocery bags that contains packs of rice, biscuits, can goods, noodles and fruits.
It was an unforgettable happy day for them. Thank you so much, may the Lord continue bless each and everyone.
Happy New Year !
Sincerely in Christ,
Ptr. Paul
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