Philippine Garbage Dump Children January 2014

Grace to you and peace from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Rostita Navarro recently followed the Lord in water baptism, then she decided to dedicate her four children to the Lord. The eldest is Theodell-11 yrs. old,Rizza Mae, Cedrick and the youngest is Jeannarose. They were also the regular receipients of Moriel Gifts and Moriel regular Feeding Program. So we’ve done the Dedication Service.

Jeannarose has been to Pediatric Dentist, she was given a Dental Clearance which was requested by Doctor at Phil. Heart Center. She is now ready for her appointment on March 18,2014.

Our weather up to now is very cold, the knitted wear received by the children were a big help for keeping them warm. Thank you so much for Moriel Australia-Sis Marg.

Our prayers to the Lord were also answered, thank you so much for all of this. You, Moriel Family and Moriel Supporters are really channels of God’s blessings.

The new mini-Nebulizer is very helpful to our dump children who suffer from respiratory problem, it relieves their respiration.

We successfully conducted the December Moriel Give a Gift Program and Year-End Thanksgiving Party. We’re given the children clothes that they wore for their School Christmas Party, they also wore those during the Year-End Thanksgiving Party. They were given some take home grocery items.

The construction of Porch in front of Feeding room was already finished. The children joyfully wait and play in the area while waiting for their feeding time. We also use it for Sunday School activities.

We are planning to have an Evangelistic Campaign on February 16, please include us in your prayers, parents and neighbors may come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and more souls be saved.

God Bless each and everyone in the ministry.

Sincerely in Christ,

Pastor Paul

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