The Hillsong Escapade

by Philip Powell

At the above link you’ll read an interesting story and some good blog comments. I am quoted and am happy to go with the flow even though the journalist did NOT meet his promise to check with me before quoting me. He is reasonably accurate in the way he quotes me. I support Spencer Gear’s view (see the blog comment) and while I think that due to their abuse of the system Hillsong should be stripped of their Tax Free status I do not have a problem with Church’s registration for Tax Free status per se. It is the abuse that should be looked at and monitored especially in the case of the Houston family. If Brian and Bobby are multi-millionaires as is alleged, the question that should be asked is where and how did they get their wealth?. I know and everyone associated knows they came from a poor back-ground. The issue is not the $300,000 per year that Brian claims (incidentally is that between Brian and Bobby or is it $300,000 each?) but rather their net financial (monetary) worth at this point in time. This is the question I would be asking.

TV Channel 7 ““ programme ““ Today Tonight ““ recorded an interview with me last Tuesday. I am told it will air this coming week.

My major concern about Hillsong is that they present a false message about Christianity and about the true Christian Church. They pervert the scriptures and will ultimately incur the judgment of almighty God. In many ways they have become a cult with a cult following.

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