Prayer Chains Request: A Comparison

A pastor friend of mine wrote and sent me this saying, “I couldn’t help but write this after I prayed through our church’s prayer chain today.” I think it’s meaning is self-explanatory.

The Local Church in America The Persecuted Church Throughout the World
J.V. ““ Pray for my 6-year-old son Johnny. He’s had a sore,  throat for 4 days. Pray that he will get well and be able to,  play soccer again. V.J. ““ Pray for the B family whose son’s throat was slit,  by Muslim extremists on his way to school. Pray for this,  family during their grief, and ask for protection for their,  other three children. The police have not filed charges.
B.K. ““ Pray for the S family; their favorite pet Fido has been diagnosed with cancer and the vet is telling them the chemotherapy may run around $6000! They are praying that God will provide the necessary funds. K.B. ““ Pray for the C family. Islamic extremists burned their house and crops, and killed their goats. Now they have little to eat. Pray for the rest of the village to rise up and help meet their daily needs.
S.P. ““ Please pray for me that God will help me lose weight. P.S. ““ Please pray for us. We have no grain left due to the drought and we have not eaten more than a handful of rice in 7 days.
C.L. ““ We have opened escrow on our new four- bedroom, 3-bath house. Pray that God will see that the escrow closes as soon as possible. We have outgrown our 3-bedroom house. L.C. ““ Last night our village was burned by Muslim rebels. We are now hiding in the jungle praying that the rebels will not find us. The monsoons start next week.
M.N. ““ My car needs fixing. Pray that God will provide the funds. N.M. ““ The village chief, who is Muslim and has threatened us to leave our village, has taken possession of our water buffalo and we now have no way to plow our field. He says infidels should not live among Allah’s chosen ones.
T.U. ““ Pray for my daughter. She’s being bullied at school by some mean girls. U.T. ““ Pray for A.B.. She was falsely accused of blaspheming Islam and has been in prison for over a year. She has been sentenced to death under Shiria law. There is a fatwa on her family.
L.H. ““ Pray that B will win his football game. He’s worked so hard this year. H.L. ““ Pray for our church in Shanghai. The government has barricaded the doors shut saying that we are an illegal church, even though we’ve been trying to become registered for 3 years. Now they will not allow us to meet in a park and many of our members have been imprisoned.
R.S. ““ Our daughter J is having difficulty deciding which college God wants her to attend. She wants her decision to be God’s will and is waiting for an answer or a sign. S.R. ““ Pray that God will give me the grace to make good bricks. That is the only kind of work my class is allowed in B.. Pray that I will show great love to my Hindu boss.
I.W. ““ Please pray for my daughter who has been struggling with acne and needs to look good for her senior prom. W.I. ““ Please pray for my Christian daughter K.. A suitor threw acid in her face because she refused to marry him, a Muslim man twice her age. She is now in the hospital, blinded in both eyes. The doctors say she will be permanently disfigured.
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