Christian Family Ambushed In Nigeria

by American Family Association

Davou Bulle, his wife, and their 10 children each climbed into the van, exhausted from another full day of work on their family”s farm. He started to pull away but was soon jarred to attention by the sound of gunshots hitting the tires. They were being ambushed because of his faith!

The Muslim attackers soon aimed their weapons at the driver, in hopes to first kill the Christian “infidel”  then kill his entire family. In an attempt to protect his father, son Gyan lunged at the bullets to shield him, but the bullets found their way to their intended target, killing Davou. Gyan trying to help his father took 14 bullets during the ambush. Davou’s wife Mary was hit in the eye.

Mary was taken into surgery immediately. She lost one of her eyes as a result of the attack. Son Gyan was also operated on and ‚  all 14 bullets were removed from his body. ‚   Miraculously, he survived! ‚   Davou left behind a wife and 10 children.

More than 10,000 Christians have been killed since 1999 in Nigeria and nearly 1,000 homes and churches have been burned down by Muslim radicals-all because of their faith in Jesus Christ. VOM has opened up a center in Jos, Nigeria for the purpose of helping Christian widows who have lost their husbands at the hands of Muslim fanatics. This center will help these widows develop a trade in sewing or computers so they can support themselves and their children who were left behind.

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