The Sin of Party Spirit Masquerading as Christian Unity that Ultimately Unites with Apostasy and Unbelief

by James Jacob Prasch  
Jan 21,2014

When we, the Body of Christ, have unity of The Spirit we only need a fellowship of fellowships for practical cooperation in things like missions, Christian education, and charity,  not any hierarchical structure other than the headship of Christ and doctrinal supremacy of scripture devoid of any organised or institutional monolith. One Faith, One Baptism.

Once a movement fragments doctrinally it is fragmenting spiritually. Theological fragmentation is symptomatic of spiritual dissolution, and spiritually dissolution will conversely always result in doctrinal disharmony. When this happens it is inevitable that the movement morphs into a denomination that is theocratically held together by a combination of administrative, legal, and financial priorities and considerations. There is an artificial unity that is cohesive only by the glue of temporal factors that displaces and replaces doctrinal and authentic spiritual unity.

Shortly after this transpires, those dissenting from centrally orchestrated policies on grounds of doctrinal conviction are mis- characterised as divisive by the pulpit politicians of the theocracy / denominational Sanhedrin who functionally see themselves as managers of non profit (although in reality, very often for profit) corporations even though they are expert at disguising this reality with the ecclesiastical camouflage of pseudo spiritual and doctrinally unsustainable religiosity. Purpose Driven Lies and marketing based  programmatics will nullify the sovereignty of God in denominational thinking and scriptural principles for church growth based on evangelism, discipleship, and mission and  exegesis will be replaced by eisegetical proof texting  often relying upon paraphrased bibles and not the original meaning of the original languages (Nehemiah 8:8).

Within a generation or so as with ancient Israel in the Books of Kings & Chronicles they will deviate further from scriptural orthodoxy. The zeitgeist will permeate their thinking which  at the present time in history translates into venturing into theological liberalism, ecumenism, social gospels, political agendas, moral compromise, theological post modernism and  ultimately unbelief and debauchery (same sex marriages, homosexual ordination, divorce & remarriage without clear scriptural grounds etc.). Biblical evangelism will be  demeaned as extremist, cultic or hyper sectarian and intolerant. Holiness will be denounced as legalism and legalism redefined as holiness. In place of worship there will be entertainment  and one of two impostors dispatched from hell will shortly thereafter arrive at the door: cessationism or charismania (Neo Montanism). Those choosing the former as a safeguard against the latter are oblivious to the fact that both lies have the same origin. Those denominations subscribing to the humanist philosophy of Calvinism will have no more capacity to comprehend the   ‘reductio ad absurdum’ lunacy which they consume thinking it to be logical anymore than the hyper Pentecostals can discern the true dark nature of their counterfeit spirituality. The  most ardently self asserting fundamentalists such will espouse the blatant rejections of the plain teaching of The Word of God such as a God of love who indeed knows the future – creating   people with the foreordained intended aim of torturing them forever or that one may worship the antichrist and his image taking the mark of the beast and still be saved in direct contradiction to and rejection of The Word of God (Revelation 14:9-11). Such Calvinistic supposed conservatives have no sense that their heretical pronouncements are as deranged and  dangerous as anything ever pronounced by the most apostate of money preaching tele-evangelist.  Neither of these twisted factions grasp that they both have redefined Christianity as an  abject philosophy of fallen man.  They are likewise oblivious to the undeniable fact that Calvinistic denominations have fostered and engendered the worst unbelief and most depraved subversion  of the true message of Jesus such a Chrystal Cathedral and the theologically liberal Reformed Churches. Neither can they swallow the truth that the false gospel of Calvinism claiming  instead of quickening , regeneration precedes faith is as bogus a formula for false conversion as a claimed renewal of the Spirit that does not include repentance and substitutionary propitiation.

In the denominations morality will most often be determined on the basis of one’s position on social issues such as environmentalism, homosexual & lesbian rights etc. True ministry will be  supplanted by activism. Denominations eventually are found as Paul prophetically predicted: “holding the form of religion but denying the power there in” (2 Tim. 3:5). Denominations will witness the prophetic place of Israel & The Jews becoming a divisive factor with the Jew haters nearly always eventually prevailing and the study of eschatology will be suppressed as the Blessed Hopeis replaced by a backslidden hope in this present fallen world. Yet the objective truth of God’s own eternal Word will become so substituted with a delusional experiential subjectivism rooted in emotional manipulation and ignorance which the deceived imagine to be spiritual that they will be dogmatic only about the perversely manufactured inventions of religious babblers negating even the unambiguous tenets of holy writ.

They will then erect a false unity by uniting with first aberrational perversions of Christianity such as Roman Catholicism or Mormonsm and then linking around social causes with other religions worshiping false demon gods. Simultaneously, demonic metaphysical New Age influences will infiltrate into their fabric expressed as ’emergence’, Neo-Montanism,and a  pseudo Judeo-Christian mysticism whose real ontogeny is in the Gnosticism of Eastern religions (Isaiah 2:6). They will then do to the church with  ‘Psychology’ what unbelieving rabbis did to Israel with Caballah and embrace heretical false prophets who are motivated by earning false profits. They invariably become a full blown recapitulation of Jeremiah chapter 23.

This evolved process is ultimately orchestrated by Satan. By this point they are on the train to Babylon The Great controlled by an anti christ spirit and the true people of God will have no option buy to disembark. This is the unavoidable and self inflicted fate of denominationalism. The institution will be deified and worshiped in place of God as with any other cult or  false religious system. What had been the heritage of King David becomes ‘Sodom & Egypt where The Lord was also crucified’. What had been the Body of Christ is now transformed  into the footstool of the anti christ. Those who dare to proclaim this reality are then bitterly castigated.

This is precisely how denominations begin, and it is precisely how in the final analysis they will end up.

Q:     What is a denomination?

A:     A tax deductible property trust and superannuation retirement fund for career clergy operating under the logo and pretense of a genuine faith;  a social & financial institution and community activist organization with a cross on the roof. Nothing more. AoG, Baptist Union, Church of England, United Methodists, Presbyterians – take your pick.

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