Tony Blair, Evangelicals, And The Coming One World Religion

By Paul McGuire

Former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair has created the Tony Blair Faith Foundation to unify the world’s religions. Blair is especially interested in promoting the benefits of globalization to Christian churches. There are a number of prominent American ministers who have endorsed his Tony Blair Faith Foundation with its emphasis on globalization or global government. In Revelation we read about this coming one world religion and the False Prophet who unites the world’s religions in order to bring peace to Planet Earth under the rule of Antichrist.

It is interesting that one of the primary focuses of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation is not only to unify the different religions, but to specifically promote the benefits of globalism or global government to evangelicals. A number of well known evangelical leaders have signed on board. Tony Blair writes in his article seeking to Understand Faith and Globalization that “at a certain point each (religion) is in communion with each other.” So one would have to ask the question what is the communion between militant Islam, Judaism and Christianity? Suicide bombers? The often stated theology from militant Islam is death to Jews and Christians. So where is the communion?

Tony Blair say’s, “The global community-“it takes a village” as someone once coined it is upon us.” It is difficult to understand how Blair would not know that the “someone,” who coined the term, “global village,” was the world famous Canadian communications theorist Marshall McLuhan. Blair goes on to say, “Examine the impacts of globalization. For a moment right and wrongs. Just look at its affects.” Here is America we know the affects of globalization. We were told that NAFTA and GATT would bring enormous economic benefit to both Mexico and Canada. Americans lost jobs and entire industries packed up and moved out of the county. NAFTA and GATT were devastating to the Mexican worker and the Canadian are unhappy about how it has hurt their economy. Across the world we are in a global financial meltdown with United Nations Climate Control Treaties designed to transfer trillions of dollars in wealth from the U.S., Great Britain, France, Australia, South America and Asian nations.

The current economic crisis appears to be a planned crisis to bring in a globalized World Socialist government, which is what Tony Blair really seems to be promoting. In order to accomplish that goal there must be massive wealth redistribution and a consolidation of economic controls by some kind of new “International Federal Reserve System” or as the world leader are saying as they are reading from the same script, “a new world financial order.” The recent G20 Meeting’s in London were an elaborately staged production with world leaders posing and smiling in front of the cameras and all reading off the same page. Outside where carefully orchestrated demonstrators, financed by the same people who financed the meetings of world leaders inside the G20 Meeting. How can you say that some people may ask? Because the exact same verbiage that was used inside the meeting was used by demonstrators outside of the meeting. The demonstrators and world leaders were both saying “capitalism is dead,” “world currency,” “a new world financial order” and so on. Even Hugo Chavez was reading from the same script when he called for a “new world order,” which was exactly what they were calling for inside the meeting.

But, there is one small problem to their agenda. In order to bring in their new world financial order, new world order and global government, they have to get the churches and leaders of various religions on board. But, as Blair and his backers understand, getting “Evangelical Churches” to sign on to globalism is imperative because many of them are pro-Israel and exert a certain degree of influence over certain demographic groups.

Around 1919, when the League of Nations began to fail, the proponents of globalization recognized that one of the primary reasons they failed was that they did not get the Protestant Churches to go along with their program. The international banking interests behind the push to global government realized they needed to sell the “Evangelical Church” on world government. So eventually theybrought in a man named John Foster Dulles, whose brother was Allen Dulles who was director of the CIA under Eisenhower and Kennedy. Allen Dulles was responsible for the highly sophisticated social engineering and “mind control programs” popularized in movies like the “Manchurian Candidate” and “The Bourne Identity.”

In 1937, John Foster Dulles strategically met with the heads of over 30 different denominations along with prominent ministers and heads of seminaries. He had millions of dollars to finances his agenda and his goal was to get “Evangelical Churches” on board with a world government through creating the theology of “social justice.” So whenever you hear preaching and teaching or an emphasis on the theology of “social justice,” it is important to remember that this was introduced into the church by a non-believer whose goal was globalization?

We are on the precipice of a new world financial order, a cashless society and global government. Once again, the forces behind globalization understand that they need to recruit the churches in order to make the transition. The Tony Blair Faith Foundation, the prominent evangelical ministers and religious leaders of other religions are part of globalization strategy. If you want to know where this all ultimately ends up? Read Revelation 13.

Paul McGuire is conference speaker at Calvary Chapel prophecy conferences, a Professor at a College & Seminary and the author of 16 books, including “The Day The Dollar Died.”

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