Exposing ‘The Shack’s Pagan, New Age, And Occult Influences

William P. Young’s fictional novel “The Shackis still the #1 NY Times Bestseller, 36 weeks running, over 6 million in print.”http://windblownmedia.com/

However, THE SHACK is filled with New Age teaching, and pagan occult ideas that undermine the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (Click here to see our SRN ‘The Shack’ archive page.)

Deep Concern For Those Being Influenced By The Shack

This book is being used by many Christians as an evangelism tool and of late we have heard that it is being used as a Bible Study tool for a local church nearby.

Sadly, several Calvary Chapel ministers [have endorsed], and many, many more in other fellowships and denominations, are not speaking out against this false teaching, and many are willing to carry the book in their bookstores. ‚   Some churches are even allowing William P. Young, the author, to come speak at their churches.

From a biblical perspective as well as a former Calvary Pastor myself, I believe most Calvary Pastors would caution against endorsing or promoting this book, let alone using it to ‘teach us about God and Jesus’. ‚   I caution people regularly about this book and the false Gospel and occult teachings that it conveys.

To note, ‘Papa’, the rolereversal female illustration for God the Father, is actually…. Papa: The Goddess of Nature and the Hawaiian Goddess of the Divine Feminine and Magnetism

Some would say I am overreacting, but I am not. If you give the Bible teaching Pastors, the Christian Apologetics ministries, and the Christian Counter-cult and occult exposing ministries a fair chance, by reading the literature that we and many others have written, I believe you will see clearly too that THE SHACK is extremely problematic and downright heretical to no end.

Caveat emptor![Latin for ‘Let the buyer beware!

If your pastor, church leaders, youth minister, church Elders, etc., have been loving and gleaning ‘new insights’ from THE SHACK, you ought to be doubly concerned…
I say this after doing my own homework very extensively, and from many angles, and from examining this book in light of God’s truth – The Holy Bible!

It is you, Christian and non-Christian alike that I am concerned for. I take the time…make the time, to research, write, investigate, cross examine, and more so that you will be warned of danger and pointed back to the Jesus Christ of the Bible, to sound healthy Bible teaching, and to churches that WILL not give in to the latest fad’s and winds of false doctrine. I am willing to spend and be spent for you!

Lastly, I spent over ten years (1992-2003) serving my heart out, laboring, and ministering to people, who, some of which are now today gobbling up THE SHACK as if it were Gospel Truth. ‚   ‚   I never would have thought, in a million years, that some of these people would deviate from sound doctrine and give heed to the Christ-rejecting, God the Father-dishonoring, Holy Spirit-distorting teachings in this book.

I appeal to you and your families as a brother in Christ who cares for your souls:

Please consider reading some of the Articles and Book Reviews below, about William P. Young’s, THE SHACK.

These articles and reviews have been written by people who care more about the purity of God’s Gospel and the salvation of souls than the oooohhhh’s and the aaaahhhh’s of the crowds.

In the words of Paul the Apostle
O Timothy! Guard what was committed to your trust, avoiding the profane and idle babblings and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge – by professing it some have strayed concerning the faith. Grace be with you. Amen (1 Timothy 6:20-21)
Unwavering and for God’s glory alone

Chris Lawson, President
SpirituaResearch Network

These articles and links can all be found on the BRAND NEW Spiritual Research Network ‘THE SHACK’ archive page.

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