For Zion’s Sake

For Zion’s Sake International is a non-profit Israeli registered amutah based in Jerusalem and the United States. The purpose of For Zion’s Sake is to freely provide new immigrants to Israel (Olim) with humanitarian aid, with items such as furniture, food, musical instruments, clothing, and medicine through our warehouse distribution center in Talpiot. These items are provided to Olim who have a Teudet Oleh within the first year of their immigration to Israel. This gives us an outlet to share the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ in a practical way.

Because over one million new immigrants have come to Israel since 1988, we believe the need for humanitarian assistance is important and required. We collect the used furniture as donations freely from individuals around Jerusalem, based on responses to our advertisement in a local newspaper. We then distribute it freely to the Olim on an appointment basis, once they have shown need via recommendation of their local matnas.

We also receive shipments of used pianos and furniture from other international organizations such as Pianolim, a Swiss charitable partner organization. The vision of Pianolim is to provide musical instruments to Olim for their employment here in Israel as musicians, teachers, and other musical professions.

Thank you and God bless you!


P. O. Box 1429 Jerusalem, Israel 91013
Tel/Fax: (972)-(2)-648-2056
e-mail: [email protected]

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