Comforting Those Who Mourn – May 2007 – Part 3

Update from Russia , 3. ‚   ‚  May 19, 2007

Trust in YHWH with all your heart. Proverbs 3:5

5/13/07, Sunday: Had a great visit with Svyeta and her son, Vova; they were both held hostage in the school for the three days during the terrorist attack ” “ Svyeta”s husband (and Vova”s dad), Sergei, was killed there. Their story is yet another very sad one here. Their family had lived in a different part of Bsln, and had bought an apartment close to School No. 1 (the school the terrorists took over). They finished remodeling the apartment, and moved in, and the first day they were ever in School No. 1 was that first day of September (2004). As the terrorists quickly took many of the healthy and strong men away and shot them execution style, I”m guessing that”s what happened to Sergei. I don”t know if Vova always was, but he seems very grown up and quite serious for his age; Svyeta said they”re already like friends and not simply mother and son” ¦ that Vova has a say in things, since he”s the man in the house. Vova wanted to give me an icon picture, but I said I was a Christian and couldn”t accept it. Svyeta, not out of insult, simply asked why not, and The Lord blessed me with a good time to share with them. I shared how Jesus died to give us the opportunity to pray straight to God ” “ Jesus Is The Bridge between man and God, and no one else is necessary. Icons, candles, and so forth” ¦ they”re not necessary. God has the most power, and so why not pray straight to Him? I shared how offended Syveta would be if Vova needed something, but wouldn”t ask her, instead just going to a neighbor”s. Svyeta nderstood.

5/14/07, Monday: Began teaching guitar and English lessons here at Nahzee’s house, where I live. As our reading text for the English, we’ll be reading through The Gospel of John for a few verses each session. Afterwards, had the first Russian Bible reading session ” “ this is a group I really hope The Lord grows” ¦ it’s just an informal gathering of any who want to come & read His Word together (in Russian).

5/15/07, Tuesday: Went to Madina’s apartment; her dad had previously asked me to make them ” ˜an American dinner,’ something Americans eat. So I helped Madina and we made a pasta dish, a salad, and garlic bread – to God’s glory, they really seemed to like it, especially her parents (Alan and Zalina). ‚  Praise The Lord for the opportunity to do something practical like help make a dinner for a family who lost their 10 year old son, Marat, in the school massacre. For this family, life has essentially stopped.

5/16/07, Wednesday: AM fellowship. Later visited with Rusik, and had good visit with him and his mom. (Rusik survived the attack, but was shot in his right arm, and still has a golf-ball-sized protusion by his elbow.) He still cannot fully straighten his arm, nor make a fist with his right hand. Coming up on three years since the injury, the ” ˜doctors’ keep saying for him to wait until he’s 18 next year for the surgery. ? Rusik’s mom asked if I’d help translate 2 medical papers and help them post the info on the internet so they might try and find a sponsor to cover his surgery. They’ve seen lots of doctors, but it seems like they’re getting the run-around. God willing, they’d really like to have his arm operated on in the US or another country outside of Russia . Also visited Byella and parents; Byella is a teenage girl who survived the attack. The Lord opened up opportunites to share with them about The Bible and Jesus. I asked Byella’s mom (Rita) how Zina was (Rita’s friend, whose house is close by.) I also knew Zina from seeing and talking with her many times at the Mother’s Committee and other places; Zina lost her son in the attack. ‚  To my horror, I found out that Zina was killed in a car crash right before Christmas. Zina’s daughter’s birthday fell just a few days later. This young girl, Vika, survived the attack herself, but lost her older brother and only sibling there. And then, a little over two years later, she loses her mom in a car crash right before her own birthday. The people of Bsln have some of the most tragic lives that I’ve ever heard of. ‚   ‚   ” ¦Came home later, and received news that made me so incredibly angry inside ” “ so angry that I can’t even explain. Apparently the Russian version of our FBI called Nahzee (the grandma I live with here) and her daughter, and we’re supposed to go to Vldikavkz (the nearby big city) tomorrow. I guess they want to make sure I’m really living where I said I am or whatever ” “ but it just makes me so angry, ” ˜cos unless God does an amazing miracle, there goes the whole morning, and perhaps early afternoon, and I need to be back here in Bsln for classes at 3. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Nahzee and I prayed together, and I also called my dad and asked him to call my pastor (Kevin), asking them to pray about it. O God, You know how angry and frustrated I am, and I’m just so tired of all this. Please grant me favor and kindness, in Jesus’ Name ” “ please give me the opportunity to share Jesus Christ, Your Son.

5/17/07, Thursday: All glory and praise to Yah ” “ thanks be to God, the meeting in Vladikvkz went well. YHWH greatly heard our prayers, and He answered in His mercy; and thanks, gratitude, glory, honor, and praise be to Him. Thank You, Abba! Got back in time to eat lunch and get some stuff done before the lessons today. Thank you everyone who prayed!

5/18/07, Friday: Saw and talked a good bit with Valerya, Taimara, and Alla ” “ three believers from Taimuraz’s fellowship in Vldikavkz. Every Friday, they visit people in Bsln who lost loved ones in the terrorist attack. Praise God ” “ people who share the same vision as me! It was a really nice time, and i really felt a connection with them. Taimara is also involved with a Bible translating committee, and said we could talk more about that in the future; as many of you, Lord willing, I’d really like to be involved in Bible translation in the future. Valerya invited me to go with him any Thursday to the prison to meet the brothers there. He also said to pass on a sincere thank you to my church for sending me to them. So to all who are helping and have helped, both from Calvary Chapel Pittsburgh as well as from other fellowships, thanks so much! ‚  In the courtyard in front of Mairbek’s building, I sat and talked with Svyeta. (Svyeta is a mother who survived the attack, but lost her only daughter/child in it.) Pray for her: she is still so distraught and filled with grief in her soul” ¦ she lives, but said that honestly speaking, she doesn’t want to live. ‚   ‚   ‚   ‚   ‚   ” ¦Visited with Mairbek and his family; Monday is his 11th birthday, and I said I’d drop by their apartment after my lessons. (Mairbek miraculously survived the school massacre, but lost his mom there.) When leaving, Mairbek said, ” ˜May God keep/protect you,’ and I told him that Jesus loved him; Mairbek also reminded me not to open the door at night.

Please pray for:

  • God’s blessing on the English, guitar, and Bible-reading times I’m leading
  • The Lord to comfort Vika and her dad, Tamik, on the loss of Zina (Vika’s mom and Tamik’s wife)
  • Svyeta and her husband, Valiko ” “ that God will draw them to Jesus, and comfort them with His love
  • And please pray for my cousins, the Nicolette family. My 18 year-old cousin, John, was killed in a skateboarding accident on the morning of his last day of high school. John was holding on to the side of a Jeep when he fell off his board and suffered severe damage to his head. Please pray for his mom and dad, and his younger sister. Please also pray for the student who was driving the Jeep, as he now has to live the rest of his life with this on his conscience. This is especially tragic for the Nicolette family since the father (also named John) lost his own father not too long ago.

Thank you for all of your prayers, love, and support in this ministry,

In Jesus our Hope and Peace,

jason, [email protected]

Trust in YHWH with all your heart. Proverbs 3:5

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