Comforting Those Who Mourn – December 2006

Shalom brothers and sisters!

The LORD Is Good, a Stronghold in trouble’s day.

And He knows those taking refuge in Him.

(Nahum 1:7)

Thank you so much for all of your prayers – to God’s glory, i arrived safely back in Pittsburgh after a long and rather interesting trip back to the US! It’s a long story, but God provided several opportunities to share about Him, and so i know all the frustrations along the way were not without purpose. Attached is a photo of little Mairbek and I; as you may recall, Mairbek survived the school massacre, but lost his mom there.

i’m currently working on an informational CD about the service in Bsln complete with photos, family info, web links for more information about the terrorist attack, and so on. As part of that, i’m hoping to organize an ‘Adopt-A-Family-In-Bsln-To-Pray-For’ program. And there’s lots to do ” “ even from here ” “ in reaching out to the people of Bsln: writing letters to the families, translating things, answering questions from a young friend there who’s a Jehovah’s Witness but searching, etc. Please pray for His help and direction in all these things, as well as for His help with a new music CD and the project with my dad.

In other news, if you personally like rap or know any people that do, here are four CDs that i strongly recommend ” “ they’re great! (No, i don’t get any royalties or anything like that for mentioning these CDs! It’s just that i’m always eager to share those things which glorify Christ and edify the body.) These rappers preach Jesus with no shame, and the music is totally professional and very well done as well. They would make great Christmas gifts for youth! They are: Trip Lee – If They Only Knew,”  Lecrae – Real Talk,”  Lecrae – After The Music Stops,”  Tedashii – Kingdom People.”  (You can also check them out on the web before purchasing any of the CDs. Go to:

In His unconditional love,

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