Kim Clement – Another False Prophecy

God said “I”m going to make you relevant to the world. Every nation under the sun is going to understand what you”re saying. Today preachers don”t preach, that give any understanding to the world. God’s raising up pulpits in the entertainment industry, God’s raising up pulpits in the sports arenas of this world. God’s raising up pulpits in the business world. Madison Avenue, NY, Washington D.C., California. God’s about to take the marketplace by storm and you are the ones that qualify.” 

God said, “I’ve given them a license. It’s a season for them. It’s a season of birth because whatever death you’ve experienced is about to bring life. It’s a season of harvest. You’ve been given a license to win the lost without problem, easily, quickly and swiftly. You’ve been given a license to cast out devils and to raise up the dead. Don’t we have that all the time, you do! But this is a special period for you. You’ve been given legal license to hunt down your enemy and to find him and to destroy him and leave none breathing!

The spirit of the Lord says, “There shall be upper room experiences that shall come. There shall be experiences that shall take place similar to the day of Pentecost. Suddenly my people shall become relevant to a culture that have separated themselves from the religious, from dullness, from death. There shall be a upper room experience as on the day of Pentecost. No religious activity. But My Spirit shall once again give young men and women tongues of fire. They shall become relevant to this generation. It’s already started. It’s too late says the Spirit. They have been born and the generation that that Satan tried to abort have survived. For every one child that he took out through legalized abortion, I have given two in their place. And those two have survived. And for every one that died before their time there shall be 5 in their stead. For one Sally there shall be five. And for one that died, this was a seed that went into the ground and I’ll will raise up 5 in their place.

There shall be viruses. This shall be known as the year of viruses being annihilated. For there shall be 3 deadly viruses that shall begin the process of annihilation in 2005. And those that were supposed to die shall live, shall live. Do you sense the change in the atmosphere? Prepare your banks, prepare your wallets. I’m going to fill them to overflow. Properties shall be given in miraculous ways. This is the blessing that shall come in 2005. As your prophet went to meet the President of the United States, so he tells you tonight what he told him. Because you have put the man that I wanted in the White House, to be a praying man in the oval office, I will bring a 4 year period of the greatest harvest that America has ever seen.

Get ready, for there shall be a creation of a computer that shall supercede everything that has been invented up to this point. It shall be so rapid, and there shall be no more viruses that shall come and be able to touch your systems. Do not be afraid of the 666, do not be afraid of the beast. Do not be afraid of those that would teach that their power is going to destroy you. The greatest years are about to come upon you and the Holy Spirit has withheld certain blessings, but now they shall begin in just a few minutes. They have already begun in the spirit where the blessing of the Lord shall begin and overtake your lives. You will populate the marketplace in 2005. I’m going to give you cities through mass media.

In 2005 there will be grace without limit given to you your families, your children, your business, your bodies. There is no prescribed limit.

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