Want To Know Day Of Jesus’ Return? A Moriel Response


Dear Sir (s);

As a staunch friend of WND I find myself dropped into a quagmire by the date setting DVD’s by a Mr. Mark Biltz.

I am American born but my family are Israeli Messianic Jewish believers (our children were born in Galilee). I speak Hebrew and I matriculated at Hebrew University in Science and did Judaism at Cambridge University (UK), plus a degree in theology at London School of Theology and post graduate studies at Tyndale House Cambridge. I presently teach Jewish hermeneutics at Kings Divinity School, University of Wales and direct a Messianic based ministry with branches in seven countries. I also host a TV program in Great Britain.

I assure you that I am well familiar with the messianic typology of the Hebrew Festal Calendar.

However, in The Olivet Discourse Jesus directly told us that even He did not know the day of His return. Mr. Blitz therefore is an utter crackpot – there is no euphemism. ‚ Please feel free to inform him that I said so.

As an avid reader of World Net Daily I find it disturbing that WND would lend any credence whatsoever to such a kook. It degrades the status of WND to a joke at a serious time when credible alternative news media like WND is so crucially needed in the face of the institutionalized biases of the popular media.

This contra scriptural nonsense is not theology but ignorance and charlatanism. ‚ I would urge Mr. Farah & WND to discontinue promotion and marketing of this obviously hideous folly.

I am copying my remarks to Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, probably the leading messianic theological scholar in the USA, to Messianic radio bible teacher Dr. David Hocking, and to Bill Koenig – Christian journalist at The White House press corps, to Alan Franklin of Christian Free Press, to GV 24/7 Christian Internet TV, and to various Christian radio, Internet, and publication ministries. Unbiblical foolishness is beneath WND.

How be it reluctantly, I am also posting this response on our own website www.moriel.org

Again, I write as a solid advocate of WND, and not as as an opponent. But this is ridiculous. I implore you gentlemen, there is a desperate need for WND as a viable option to the twisted spectacle mainstream news sources have largely become. Please do not reduce WND to a joke.

Sincerely in Christ,

J. Jacob Prasch

Moriel Ministries ‚

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