How the Mighty Have Fallen

Oct 16, 2013
by James Jacob Prasch

John MacArthur now teaches: “Those accepting the mark of the beast and worship the anti Christ can still be saved. Supported by Jimmy DeYoung, this is the exact teaching of John MacArthur on the clip below.

It is true that I have always parted company with John MacArthur over his Calvinism and cessationism and I have never believed the pre trib rapture invented by the Jesuit Lacunze propagated by the Irivingite hyper charismatic lunatics, and re-framed in a dispensational context by exclusive brethren cult founder John Nelson Darby (although some more sensible and moderate brethren dispensationalists did not subscribe to it).

Yet I always otherwise respected John MacArthur as a non-ecumenical expositor despite certain disagreements. While I viewed Jimmy DeYoung as something of  a doctrinally deluded individual,  John MacArthur is someone I usually esteemed. His message in Wellington, NZ “The Vanishing Conscience” was the most powerful and lucid exposition of scripture on that particular subject that I had ever heard.

It is not enough that we now have Rick Warren supported by John Piper urging Christians to avoid end time prophecy in open defiance of the clear and unambiguous instructions of Jesus that we be alert (Matthew24:42) and that the book of Revelation is the only book of scripture with a stated special blessing for reading it in its preface (Revelation 1:2). We even have Rick Warren promoter Mark Driscol, whose notoriety comes from his pulpit vulgarity designed to “appeal to young people by sounding hip” mocking those who study end times prophecy.

It is not enough that we now have pre tribulationists calling the great falling away cum “apostasia” of 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2 the rapture in rejection of the context and based on nothing more than a possible alternative definition of an underlying Greek root term “aphistomai” which in all eight cases in the New Testament and Septuagint means a heretical departure from truth except once where is describes an exiting angel.

It is not enough we have had the rapture mocked and denied by false prophets such as Gerald Coates and Rick Joyner and the rapture of Elijah labeled “a judgment against Elijah” by Mike Bickle.

It is not enough that we have had the false eschatology of Paine & Ware propagating the lie that Jesus will return prior to the rapture and resurrection in direct contradiction to his specific warnings of such lies (Matthew 24:23-15).

Now of all people, we have John MacArthur issuing one of the most dangerous and false teachings imaginable concerning the anti christ and return of Jesus. This is spiritual insanity and theological madness.

John MacArthur”s false reaching is a direct result of his Darbyist pre millennial error that even the modern scholarly patriarch of pre tribulationalism, Dr John Walvoord ” former president of Dallas Seminary admitted is no where stated in scripture inductively but is a deductive opinion. John MacArthur himself admitted “the imminent pre tribulation rapture is not stated but is between the lines of the verses”. By building their eschatology on something not even stated in God”s word such men become false teachers propounding serious error for which they will give account (James 3:1).

By eisegetically reading into Scripture a presupposition it does not state instead of exegetically focusing on what it does state John MacArthur has embraced and is now propagating an outrageous deception of Satan. His dogmatic assumption that the rapture must precede the final seven lunar years, he becomes blind to the fact that the rapture is between the 6th & 7th seals as plainly described in Revelation Chapter 7 with those who come out of the great tribulation (Revelation 7:9-17). Because of the pre tribulational myth he must erroneously conclude that this is not the rapture so those being saved at this time must have received the mark of the beast and worshipped the anti Christ after the parousia.

The path of unspeakable error upon which Calvinists like Mark Driscoll, John MacArthur, and John Piper have unfortunately embarked is also an indictment of their Calvinism. Dating back to Calvin”s Geneva debacle and John Owen”s puritan Christian bloody bath jihad against other Calvinists, the Scottish Presbyterians, to say nothing of Calvinistic support for the institution of slavery, and the witch hunting of Salem and Cromwell”s England I suppose we should not be surprised. Since when have Calvinist theologians not ultimately wrecked spiritual and social havoc leading the people of God astray into one abomination after another?

Teaching that those worshipping the anti Christ and accepting the mark of the beast however is beyond crazy and worse than false. Those buying into this lethal nonsense are put into grave danger.

Without mitigation God”s word states that those who received the mark of the beast are cast into the lake of fire!  Revelation 14: 9-11 and  Revelation 19:20 – Revelation 20:4

I am hardly surprised by the antics of Jimmy DeYoung or a replacementist like John Piper. Must less am I surprised at the antics of Mike Bickle, Gerald Coates, Rick Joyner, Mark Driscoll or Rick Warren.

But when I see men I once heralded as bulwarks of faithfulness to God”s word like John MacArthur going off into major apostate error I am befuddled. These are not the ones I ever would have expected to go off. Yet they indeed have. We are certainly in the last days. How much worse can it become? Our only cry is “Maranatha”.

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