A Messianic Reaction from Israel to Harold Camping’s Latest Fiasco

An Editorial Opinion
by Elon Moreh

In an age of where the number of Bible translations is at an all time high, and access to the Bible is at a place where it never was before, in a strange kind of paradox, biblical ignorance is at a peak never attained since the Dark Ages. We all know a quick look at the Gospels would have saved these silly people from being taken on a “Camping trip” by Harold. The stupidity of this whole episode simply beggars belief. This guy Camping must so be puffed up with pride with a sense of his own self-importance as to be completely delusional.

However may I add something here. I hope that I don’t offend anyone, but I’m going to say it anyway. Really I think Camping is only riding on the back of the Pre-Trib juggernaut driven by the Left Behind camp. Is it not that this unbiblical Pre-Trib with its “we could all dissappear at any moment with no sign or warning” idea has all but exterminated a biblical view of the events preceding Y’shua’s Return?

When Paul confronted the false eschatology which was being peddled to the Thessalonians, he simply reminded them that, “That day shall not come except that FIRST shall be a great apostasy and then the wicked one shall be revealed.” (2 Th. 2:3) In other words, he proclaimed to them the Coming of the LORD with clear signs preceding. Pre-Tribulationism has already laid the groundwork for lunatics like Camping, because it denies so clearly what is laid out in parts of Matthew 24, Luke 21, Mark 13, etc. Pre-Tribulationism makes it harder to refute Camping because it cannot appeal to the signs that are so explicitly stated in Scripture to precede the Harpazo because it does not accept that any signs will precede it. Pre-Tribites are stuck up the creek with only half a paddle and are more vulnerable to sensationalistic snake oil merchants like Camping. (Remember The Late Great Planet Earth and The 1980’s Countdown to Armageddon? And yet Hal Lindsay is still persona grata in Pre-Trib circles.)

I know of one church where they are actually preaching Pre-Tribulationism as part of their Gospel presentation to the lost. This worries me greatly, that they would make a controversial novelty, with no explicit biblical support whatsoever, that was peddled by a divisive, factious and sectarian individual (J.N. Darby””some of whose other doctrines were regarded as heretical at the time), part of their preaching to the unsaved. In fact I was shocked when I heard this. Preach the Second Coming, yes, but this insufferable notion that is so repugnant to the Scriptures?

I have many friends, dear people who are Pre-Tribulational in their beliefs. I do not doubt their integrity and I admire many of them in other areas, but how they can swallow this monstrous and unbiblical imposition on the Scriptures astonishes me more than the Muppet Show of Harold Camping.

As long as this Pre-Tribulationism prevails in the Body, then it will be “Carry On Camping” for the foreseeable future. There needs to be much prayer and teaching and beseeching of the LORD for a massive swing around to a biblical eschatology, which the church desperately needs, particularly in America where this sickness is most prevalent.

It looks like I am climbing on a an anti-Pre-Trib hobby horse here, but Camping is only a silly little clown with an over-inflated ego. The underlying faulty sensationalistic Pre-Tribulationism is far more worrying.

Blessings to All,


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