The Emerging One World Religion And Church Part 2

By Paul McGuire

Recently, the President of the United States, George W. Bush, admitted that he did not take many parts of the Bible literally. For example, Bush doubted the Genesis account of Creation in favor of the disproven Theory of Evolution. President Bush reiterated his belief that all of the world’s religions pray to the same God. This is all from a President who won the hearts of American evangelicals because he prayed a prayer to be “born again” with Billy Graham. President Bush’s statements are just the tip of the iceberg of the apostate condition of the “theological Titanic” which is called the” Evangelical Church in America or what I refer to as the “New Evangelical.”

Things are so bad for the Evangelical movement that a secular journalist had to ask “how many more times Richard Cizik just could get away with repudiating and alienating the traditional Religious Right movement and its agenda before the powers-that-be at the National Association of Evangelicals finally succumb to the pressure and fire him.” Richard Cizik finally resigned as Vice President of Governmental Affairs for the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE). His resigned after 28 of leadership in the Washington, DC office of NAE. Cizik apparently came out and said that he had no problem voting for a pro-abortion and pro-homosexual candidate like Obama. Given the recent track record of the former head of the National Association of Evangelicals Ted Haggard having a sexual relationship with a homosexual prostitute while doing the drug “crack,’ one has to wonder about the commitment to Scripture within the National Association of Evangelicals.

Before Haggard stepped down, and before Cizik resigned the National Association of Evangelicals came out with public statements denouncing their support for the nation of Israel. It appears their unfaithfulness does not just extend to Haggard’s marriage vows, but their unfaithfulness ultimately extends to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word. We cannot expect President George W. Bush to be a theologian and his watered down or apostate theology appears to be a product of the Biblical counseling he has received from major Evangelical leaders who themselves do not believe the Scripture literally. The primary case in point would be creating a Palestinian State inside Israel and openly rejecting the Abrahamic Covenant of the promise of the land to the physical descendants Abraham as an “everlasting covenant.” But, the “New Evangelical” is not just unfaithful to Israel. The “New Evangelical” is unfaithful to God’s Word, even to the point of not defending “traditional marriage” which the Prophet Malachi says, “is God’s holy institution which he loves” and defending the lives of the unborn when the Bible clearly says, “thou shall not murder.”

The “New Evangelical” which is born of the Emergent Apostate Church is very concerned about the environment. Just not the holy environment of a mother’s womb! It is perfectly acceptable for this “New Evangelical” to be tolerant while a child is brutally murdered by a doctor who slams a knife or scissors into the head of the skull of a full born child in an act which is called partial birth abortion. Cizik and some leaders in the Emergent Church apparently have no problem advocating that evangelicals vote for a candidate who supports that Nazi-like procedure. Cizik is more concerned about the environment and social justice. That is the theological equivalent of planting fields of daisies around the death camps in Germany and making sure the air is not polluting by the stench of burning human flesh in what was called the Holocaust.

Christians should be concerned about social justice the environment, poverty and hunger. But, Emergent Church leader Brian McLaren sounds like he is reading from a United Nations plan book when he outlines the Christian agenda. Rick Warren who I have interviewed on my show along with his wife Kaye, I believe to be Christians who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I am thankful for the influence of the Gospel they have spread around the world. However, I would say this to Rick in love as I would speak to many of the “New Evangelical’s”. The agenda of the United Nations is world government and a one world religion. That information is contained in their own writing. The Council on Foreign Relations agenda is one world government or a new world order and that is repeated many times in their writing. But, with my conscience clean before the living God whom I serve, the Lord Jesus Christ. I must in love challenge the very foundation of the National Association of Evangelicals and its desertion of Israel as apostasy. The truth must be spoken against the tides of apostasy which taking over the Evangelical Church, its leaders and its seminaries. The reality is that the United Nations and the Council on Foreign Relations advocate and promote mass genocide. It is in their writings beginning with the Fabian socialists H.G. Wells and Bertrand Wells. It is their stated goal to reduce the population of planet Earth below one billion people. Zero population growth is at the very core of their belief system. As such, the promotion of abortion, the promotion of homosexual marriage, the timid response to mass disease epidemics, mass starvation, mass murder and genocide is intentional strategiy of their Malthusian belief that much of the world’s problems could be solved through mass population reduction. The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger knew this and the writings produced by those who are leaders in the United Nations and Council on Foreign Relations agenda repeat over and over again in writing their total commitment to totalitarian forms of population control.

So in the final analysis, not only are the “New Evangelical’s” extremely na ƒ ¯ve and foolish when they are unfaithful to God’s Word in an effort to sound like the world and win the world’s acceptance. But, the brutal reality is that they are being used pawns in a satanic agenda that will culminate in the great apostasy, the coming one world religion and the revealing of the Anti-Christ and False Prophet.

I know these are difficult words to say and some who have not taken the time to do the research and pour through the documents of the United Nations and the Council on Foreign Relations would like to dismiss this as an overstatement. The reality is that I have understated the facts because the complete truth would be horrific so as not to be believed. As true Christians, it is not sincerity which we must champion, but truth and the truth is that we are seeing the great apostasy. That apostasy is embodied in much of what can be called the Emerging One World Church and Religion.

Paul McGuire is a radio talk show host, television commentator, and author and conference speaker. He is the author of 16 books and will be speaking on the subject of the coming one world religion at the Prophecy Conference at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California in February. Paul can be contacted at his website

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