Stephen Sizer’s November 23rd Sermon

by James Jacob Prasch

Does his obvious biblical ignorance actually eclipse even his religious hypocrisy and revisionist pseudo-scholarship on behalf of radical Islam and his anti Israel ecumenical eastern catholic partners?

At a well attended Moriel Bible Conference in England 22nd-24th of November, a UK academic, Dr. Paul Wilkinson, delivered an effectively power-pointed refutation of Anglican vicar Stephen Sizer who actively partners with known terrorists in his crusade against Israel in her struggles against Islamic terror and against Christians recognizing the prophetic purposes of God for Israel. A DVD of Dr. Wilkinson’s outstanding and comprehensive presentation will soon be available ‚  internationally though Moriel and certain other ministries.

As we and others have noted, Mr. Sizer’s ‚  willingness to align himself with advocates of terror and murder in his crusade, including radical Iran while it murders Christians for their faith, is almost beyond belief. So too ‚  are his publicly documented statements that ‚   many people on various blog spots find difficult to interpret as anything other than an endorsement of Moslem terrorism.

As is a matter of public record, after agreeing on TV to a televised debate with me, Mr. Sizer ‚  cancelled. After reading the transcript of a sermon from his blog site someone showed me, it is easy to understand why he backed down and ran scared. ‚   The sermon draws material from Mr. Sizer’s ‚  American counterpart, one Gary Burge who likewise chooses ignore the plight of Christians being slaughtered by Islam in The Middle East and instead condemn Israel ” “the one country In The Middle East ‚  protecting the religious liberty and human rights its Christian population, and his fellow Anglican John Stott who teaches the annihilationist ‚  error that eternal hell does not even exist, as well as the Calvinist DA Carson.

The sermon was supposedly delivered at a Calvinist event in South Africa ‚  hosted by a fringe group that billed itself ‚  ” ˜messianic’, where Mr. Sizer partnered with the conspiracy theorist Alan Morrison.

Had Stephen Sizer not backed out and run away from the TV debate he agreed to he would have been knocked out in the first round, not because I am so clever or gifted but because he is so biblically inept to the point of being almost laughable.

The only ability Stephen Sizer ‚  appears accomplished in is his capacity to pontificate strongly in matters where he is blatantly ignorant, specifically scripture.

Having ‚  run ‚  away from the agreed TV debate where his ignorance would be publicly ‚  demonstrated, Mr. Sizer twists odd bits of both my own teaching and scripture out of context in the safety of his own domain. Indeed, this was the precise strategy of Satan in The Gospel ‚   temptation narratives and 2 Corinthians 11 warns that the servants of Satan coming as angels of light will employ the same strategy just as we see the Sanhedrin doing in the passion narratives. Unless he is indeed one against whom in Holy Writ we have been warned, why does Stephen Sizer do the same thing?

The entirety of Mr. Sizer’s ‚  erroneous supercessionist proposition is twofold:
That Israel are no longer the people of God but are now the old vineyard of Isaiah chapter 5.

That God in no sense has two people because of Israel’s unbelief.
Concerning ‚  Mr. Sizer’s first point, his entire case ‚  is automatically dismissed and thrown out by Romans chapter11 verse 28.

(kata men to euaggelion ecqroi di umaV kata de tan eklogan agapatoi dia tous pateras)

“From the standpoint of The Gospel they ‚  (unbelieving Israel) are enemies for your sake, but from the standpoint of God’s election (eklogan) they are beloved for the sake of their fathers” .

The text plainly contrasts and differentiates between two different groups of people, the saved (mainly Gentile) church and Israel, stating unambiguously that Israel remains both beloved and elect apart from the church.

In Christ unto salvation Jews and Gentiles are one in the church as natural Branches (believing Jews) and grafted in branches (believing non Jews). Yet national ethnic Israel despite their unbelief remain beloved an elect, what troubles me most about ‚  Anglicans like Stephen Sizer ‚  who rejects the eternal place of ‚  Israel in scripture, or John Stott who rejects eternal hell in scripture, or ‚   Desmond Tutu who rejects the prohibition on unnatural sex with his belief in homosexual ‚   and lesbian ordination in scripture, is not the biblical truths they reject. What troubles me most ‚  is that they ‚  reject God’s Word itself, ‚  only being able to misrepresent ‚  a professed ‚  belief in it by extra-contextually mutilating its content. This has become the very signature of contemporary Anglicanism. Rowan Williams, Desmond Tutu, John Stott, and Stephen Sizer ‚  may not represent ‚  authentic biblical Christianity, but they certainly represent what has become of The Church of England.

Mr. Sizer’s replacementist arguments are based on the New Testament identification of Jesus as the vine in John 15. ‚  In fact my citation of the vine which Mr. Sizer distorts out of context was rather from the Old Testament where the consistent Old Testament usage of the vine as a metaphor is for national and ethnic Israel (Ezekial 17:6-7, Hosea 10:1, Hosea, Song of Solomon 7:12) and as I rightly pointed out Israel will again be a fruitful vine (Hosea 14: 7).

I fail to grasp why Mr. Sizer introduced Isaiah 5 into his sermon in a response to myself that he first agreed to attempt in a televised debate before running away. But since he did, had he read about the vineyard further in Isaiah he would have seen that God prophetically promises to restore it (Isaiah 27:2-6). In the Servant Songs of Isaiah Israel indeed rejects her Messiah (Isaiah 53:3), but in the very next chapter we read that although God has forsook Israel for a temporary time, He turns His grace back to Israel (Isaiah 54: 5-7). ‚   We of course interpret The Old Testament in light of The New Testament, and a comprehensive review of what Isaiah writes concerning Israel dovetails perfectly with Romans chapters 9,10, and 11 ” “ three chapters that one is led to assume are apparently miss from Stephen Sizer’s bible.

Stephen Sizer’s ‚  selective use of scripture to the negation of those portions ‚   he appears to disagree with tells me that although he seems a joke ‚  as a would be biblical expositor, he would make a fantastic Jehovah’s Witness with such a hideous hermeneutical methodology.

Jews must come to a saving faith in Jesus to ‚  saved just as with all nations, this is most clear. But it is no less clear that Mr. Sizer’s notion ‚  that the church are the only people of God to the ejection of Israel based ‚   his ” ˜one people’ argument is a doctrinal and theological impossibility ‚  requiring those who believe this lie to not simply ignore, but in effect ‚  erase numerous passages and verse (including Romans 11:28) from God’s Word.

Now I see lucidly why Stephen Sizer ran away and our scheduled TV debate never took place. Since he has built his little empire on a deception, the deception must be preserved or his little empire of friendship with terrorists who persecute and kill Christians will collapse. Stephen Sizer knows I would have brought a power pointed photo display of his involvement with progenitors of Islamic terrorism listing his recorded transcribed endorsements on the screen and graphic images of the copses of martyred Christians his terror promulgating colleagues torture and kill to a TV debate. More importantly, he also knows I would have brought a bible.
JJ Prasch/ Moriel (USA)

To those naively taken in by the absolute lie that Zionism is apartheid we can only reply with the Words of a Baptist preacher who knew what apartheid really was:

“Make No Mistake. Anti Zionism Is But Anti Semitism” 
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

For a photographic and textual view of Stephen Sizer’s involvement with the Iranian sponsors of Islamic terror who have murdered 80% of Iran’s Christian pastors and who arm Shia militias to kill British troops whose wives and children are at home in Aldershot ‚   just 15 minutes drive down the M3 motorway from Stephen Sizer’s church in Virginia Water please view the evidence for yourself:

A number of those who died fighting the same Islamic terror of the London tube bombings, the Rushdie lynch mobs, and the Bradford riots that Israel also defends itself from are buried in Brookwood cemetery practically right in Stephen Sizer’s own back garden. Perhaps he can put on his Anglican clerical robes as he did when he appeared on Iranian TV and visit the graves of these British soldiers that the terrorist arms of his Iranian colleagues ‚  put them in. After that he can pay a pastoral Anglican vicar visit to their orphans and widows. I am sure the families of the Iranian Christians whom his hosts hung for their faith in Jesus would likewise have appreciated a pastoral visit from Stephen Sizer when he was in Iran. But unfortunately they didn’t get one. Such a gesture would have offended the Islamic fanatics who ‚  murdered them which as proper vicar Mr. Sizer could not do to such gracious hosts. Instead their killers got a pat on the back and a lot of smiles.

Mr. Sizer did not go to ‚  terrorist Iran to preach The Gospel, but to denounce Israel who protects its Christian population from this same brand of radical Islam of Mr. Sizer’s Christian killing Islamic partners. This is Stephen Sizer and this butchering of scripture is his sermon.

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