Moriel Missions Southern Africa – September 2002

Good day Brothers & Sisters,


Aletheia Community Church is opening a Moriel Mission Station in KZN see letter below.

If you are led to help please contact Dave Royle himself phone +27 11 362-1026

General Information:

What does the word ‘Aletheia’ mean?

Strong’s # 225 – (al-ay-thi-ah) Derived from the negative, a, and lanthano, “to be hidden”, “to escape notice”. Aletheia is the opposite of fictitious, feigned or false. It denotes veracity, reality, sincerity, accuracy, integrity, truthfulness, dependability and propriety.

Our Affiliation

Aletheia Community Church is affiliated to Moriel Ministries. Moriel is a teaching ministry to believers that stresses the need to rediscover the scriptures as Hebraic literature (as opposed to Hellenistic literature), demanding the hermeneutic models of Second Temple Period Judaism as a basis in biblical interpretation.

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Ministry Update

Aletheia Community Church Website

Dear Friends,

We certainly have had a full week with a few surprises that need your prayers. Our missionaries from the UK, Caleb and Sophie Massey along with Peter Africa and Salvador took a trip down to the Mission station in Hlomohlomo to finalise the details concerning their permanent stay. As you are aware, Sophie is a trained nurse and Caleb is here to Bible train the nurses. On arrival, the Robin Trust who supplied the funding for the nurses training had pulled out with no notice. On top of this the farm which was to be rented and developed by ourselves decided they wanted to sell.
But God is gracious and our plans are not His plans, this apparent turn for the worse has in fact been a turn for the better.

This now frees us to work more indepth with the community and actually build a mission station of our own from scratch. So please pray for the following timetable of events over the next few month.

  • In two weeks time we will take up residence in the area at a forestry commission home to establish the work.
  • Sophie and Caleb will work with mobile clinics in the area, even servicing two Prisons with medical care. Caleb will us this to evangelise the community.
  • We plan to buy a few hectares of land on which to build from scratch the mission station which not only will be Caleb and Sophies home but will house GAP students and volunteers who wish to assist in the work out here.
  • A indigenous church will be planted in the community making this Moriels second church plant within 6 months.

Please pray as the Lord reveals His will to us, please pray for finances, the land costs about $80 a hectare which is cheep, and we hope to come to a deal with the local forestry people regarding lumber and thatch. Nearer the time we will be looking for volunteers who can assist in building Moriels first mission station in Kwazulu and assisting Sophie with clinics.

We have a real peace concerning this turn of events and the Lord seems to be opening the right doors for us to establish the work, we are indeed living in exciting times.

Ebyown Children’s Village

Ebyown Children’s Village Website is

We now have an outline or working peper which has now been placed into the hands of Alistair to develop into a full blown business plan. (Not that it’;s a business, it’s a ministry!) I have outlined the plan below, as you can see as soon as the land is purchased ($17K) we can proceed, we already have some of the key personel in place, ready and eager to go.

Ebyown Children’s Village
Working paper

Ebyown Vision

  • The vision is to see a cluster home Christian village for children who have been affected by the HIV/ AIDS pandemic.
  • To provide a place where these children can live in a safe and nurturing environment in family based units with a Mum and Dad
  • The aim is to provide a loving and caring environment where these children will find acceptance and a family relationship which cannot be found in most institutions, to bond with Mum, Dad, Sisters, Brothers, as well as support from an extended family atmosphere.
  • The aim is to provide the individual with education, medical attention, and a healthy life style.
  • To provide a stimulating environment, by setting a challenging curriculum for the individual, by using the Mums and Dads in a key worker system.
  • To ensure that all children are supported in developing their potential at their own pace, by giving the child the opportunity to develop confidence, autonomy and self -respect
  • To build Godly characters into the children for example co-operation, trust, honesty, resourcefulness, patience, wisdom, courage, inquisitiveness and responsibility to name but a few through home schooling education.
  • The aim is to promote a self-sufficient feeding programme for the village after 5 years.
  • To utilise the talents of the community church congregation
  • To see the village being replicated throughout the country

Mission statement

A father of the fatherless and a judge and protector of the widows is God in His holy habitation. God places the solitary in families and gives the desolate a home in which to dwell.” Psalm 68 v 5,6a amplified

Core values

  • To provide a loving and caring Christian home for children
  • To cater for the individual child Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally, Socially, and Spiritually
  • To promote a healthy life style in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment

Nature of mission

To fulfil the biblical pattern of family life, as God ordained for every child on this planet

Location of village

The location of the village must be carefully selected due to the amount of people who will reside there. We are therefore looking at the plots on the outskirts of Springs town centre

Organisational structure

This is a Christian mission to children and as such will be run by a mission manager who will report back organisationally and financially to the oversight of Aletheia community church in Springs who in turn report to Moriel ministries in the U.K.

Key personnel

As this is a mission to the children all key personnel must be committed Christians

The mission manager: Catharine Kent

Is a member of the nursing profession for the last 17 years, she has a heart for children and their well being and at the moment heading up the steering committee, she has been a Christian for — years and is in her final year of a 4 year international bible college diploma. She is a key senior member of Althea community Church in Springs

Village parents

Once the village has it’s infrastructure multi tasking parents will be employed, in accordance to the employment and equality laws of South Africa

Village infrastructure

The village will consist of

  • 12 houses 10 for families, which will house Mum, Dad and six children. The other two units will be for the gap students and volunteers
  • Main unit
    • Flat for manager and 24hr crisis centre of three beds
    • Main kitchens
    • Schoolrooms, including a library and communication room
    • Hospital (ward, consulting room, and treatment room)
    • Laundry
    • Storage room
    • Office
  • Outside play area jungle Jim, swings etc
  • Youth room and gym
  • Music and art/ craft room
  • Farm including Borehole, Orchard, Vegetable and some live stock
  • Church and mission station
  • Car park area
  • Security station at entrance of village

Financial strategies

  • To get the land required for the village we are approaching over seas charities and churches for donations
  • For the infrastructure of the village we are approaching companies here in South Africa and abroad in a scheme called “sponsor a room.” Sponsor companies will have their name put in a prospectus booklet, which will be handed out to enquirers of the project.
  • Grants will pay for the staffing and everyday running of the village,
  • Gap students and volunteers pay for their own board and keep
  • It is hoped that over five years the village will become self sufficient in the farming of vegetables and energy resources.

Other villages and care provides in the area and country

  • Chance home for HIV/AIDS children. In Springs town centre this is an
  • East Rand children’s village at Benoni
  • Sparrows neat in Johannesburg
  • God’s little acres in Kwazulu Natal


As you can see the Lord is moving at a good pace, please continue to pray for Lyn, myself and the family. There are times when we are tired but Gods Grace is sufficient for every occasion.

God Bless and thank you for your continued support

For ministry support please contact your local Moriel Ministries office nearest you. Moriel USA has an online store where donations can be made as well.

Our South Africa details

Pastor David Royle
Po Box 10807
Strubenvale 1570
South Africa
Tel/Fax: 011 362 1026
Email: [email protected]

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